Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lydy Goforth and The Drovers Road

While still a young lad I grew restless at home,
Weary of farming and eager to roam.
I followed my fancy, I followed my dream,

All down the high mountain and along the bright stream.

I crossed the broad river, its waters so cold.
The stand house was waiting with lamps shining gold.
The stand keeper’s daughter, so kind and so free,
Lydy stay with me, my husband to be.

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No, I must be roving, my fortune to find.
O, Lydy, stay with me, you know I've been kind.
The road lies before me, I must travel on

But I’ll be returning ere winter is gone.

These are a few verses from "The Ballad of Lydy Goforth," composed by yours truly as a part of the historical subplot to In a Dark Season (coming in just five days! Have I mentioned that already?) Set in 1859, Lydy's story deals with the Drovers' Road, which ran through our county and which I talked about over on my monthly Amazon blog.

(If someone can tell me, in simple language suited to the meanest intelligence, how to make this a hot link, I'd really appreciate it. What I've done in the past doesn't appear to be working.)

Oh my goodness, I think I've done it! Thanks to Roses and Lilacs!

The drawing of the hog drovers is probably pretty accurate -- but Lydy is much better looking, trust me.


Tammy said...

I'm always torn when a favortie author publishes a new book. On one hand I want to buy it right away and read it right there. But on the other hand, I know there aren't going to be any 'new' ones for ages and ages, so I want to save it and enjoy the anticipation. (yes I drive my family nuts at Christmas, as I take forever to open my presents) Ah.. problems...problems. ;-) But I WILL be buying the book, and then we will see how long it lasts...ha.. (enjoyed the last two posts immensely) Tammy

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tammy! I'll be posting soon about Dessie and the jock strap -- you won't want to miss that one!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Vicki, regarding your question about linking. Try reading this bloger help page, about half way down the page is info on Links as Code. Either use the editing icon or enter the code manually. I haven't tried this on my blog yet but plan to. Hope it works for you.

Paste this link into your browser:

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks, R and L,

I'll see if I can figure it out. By the way, I visited your blog -- lovely pictures!

Pat in TN said...

I'm with you Tammy ... some books I fly through, and it's not saying that I don't like/enjoy them, but others I simply have to savor each and every page. It's alwasys 'my treat' when I sit down and read these books (YES, I'm referring to Vicki's) and it kills me to know that the next one is probably a year away!!! UGH!!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Ok, this was easy, I just did it on my page and it didn't take long. Don't worry, you can do this.
1. Have your blog ready in the edit screen.
2. Go to the link site and copy the url.
3. Back at your edit page highlight the words you want to use. Click on the funny icon on the edit tool bar-looks like (ooo). A box pops up, paste the url into the box.
3. Save your page. Publish the and "Presto" the link is hot.

BTW, I'm enjoying your blogs. Read one of your books and planning to read others when I work thru the pile of books already purchased. Summer is a hard time to get in much reading--for me anyway.

Vicki Lane said...

I did it! (See above.) Thanks so much for the help!