Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Big Day

For those who asked about my big day and my plans to celebrate, let me say it's not been so much big as full. After sunrise and feeding the calfie, I loaded up the trash and recycling and set out. First to the library to find out if I could do a slide show to accompany my talk on the 31st. (The answer is yes, if the equipment and I are compatible.)

Then in to Penland's in nearby Marshall (aha! that's where the name Marshall County comes from) where I signed a stack of copies of The Book. Barbara Penland has a wonderful collection of books about the region; well worth perusing if you're in the area.

Next a visit to my friend Eileen, who is in a nursing home, to give her a copy of the new book. Eileen, an army nurse during WWII, is as sharp mentally as ever, but her body is giving out, making the nursing home a necessity. (It's been my visits to Eileen that have provided some of the details for the nursing home scenes in the new book.)

And then a visit to Paul, in another nursing home. Since Grace's death, he's not done well, sliding into senile dementia. He seems to be well-cared for but it's sad to see him struggling to make sense of who I am and why I'm there.

On in to North Asheville to Accent on Books -- a friendly neighborhood bookstore and more stacks of books to sign. (It is still a thrill to see all those books with my name on them!)

And across the street there was a parking lot plant sale that had me filling the back of the jeep with nandina and golden arborvitae and yew and Dwarf Alberta spruce and impatiens -- there's always room for more impatiens. Finally, a stop at the grocery store and back home again -- just in time to to feed the dogs and the calfie.

And that's my Big Day!

A while back, Bantam Dell had me record a pod cast and told me not to post the link till today. So
here it is. It's a story I've told before, for which I apologize, but it was suggested that I do it one more time.
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Pat in east TN said...

It does sound like you had a full day with all you did, but still a big day with your book coming out. I cannot even imagine the thrill of seeing those books with your name on it ... WOW!!!

I loved listening to your pod cast ... even having read that story before, it was neat hearing you tell it. Has anyone ever approached you about doing the audio on any of your books or someone elses??? I really think you would be good at that.

Vicki Lane said...

Glad you enjoyed the pod cast. Poor Bill, I ought to retire that story but it always gets such a great reaction from an audience of women . . .

I wish my books would come out in audio -- it's not my decision to make. Should it happen, I'd be keeping my fingers crossed for a really good reader who knew what folks sound like around here -- Not the same as a generic "Southern" accent.

It would be fun to read it myself -- I don't know how good I'd be at the whole thing but I Can do a "Marshall County" accent.