Thursday, December 28, 2023

Time Out Of Time


This time between Christmas and New Year's Eve is, in my mind anyway, not a time to be particularly productive but rather a good time to piddle about. New Year's Eve will be spent taking down the tree--it's been some while since we felt like staying up till midnight, much less going out.

So, aside from meals (during which I try to make use of the leftovers from Christmas Day--winter squash soup tonight,) my only self-assigned task is to write some thank you notes. And I turn even that into more piddling about, doing little watercolor experiments on the cards. 

Next year I'll get back to the deep cleaning.


Anvilcloud said...

O yes, the relaxin side of Christmas.

Barbara Rogers said...

A friend just called this liminal time.

Sandra Parshall said...

I'm sure everyone who receives one of your hand painted cards is as delighted as I am, so piddle away. 😄

jennyfreckles said...

'Piddling' is a good word for the gentle activity in this short spell. That and eating!