Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The Best Day EVER!


Monday was an AMAZING day! At school we had a Christmas party with lots of cake and chips and some carrots. We had secret Santa presents and everyone got a bag of little presents. Also I made this LOVE sign for Meema. My teacher wrote the word and I put on the pink dots.

(A boy in my class was being bad and yelling and talking about peepee and saying bad words and he had to go to the principal's office, and he also had to sit with the police officer during lunch. The police officer is very nice and waves and helps people get in cars, but I would rather sit with my friends.)

And then, to make the day MORE awesome, we got out early because snow was coming. I was so full of cake, I didn't even ask to go get an ice cream cone. When we got to our driveway, there were packages waiting and two of them were for me, Josie!

The first one was from my Aunt Margaret who lives way up north where there is lots of snow. It is a picture of a beautiful fairy to hang on my wall.

The lady who painted it is a friend of Aunt Margaret's and she painted it for her daughter after her daughter had a dream about a fairy who looked like this.

Then there was a package from Sandy who is my Fairy Godmother. First, I opened the card . . .


And it was a pop-up! Pop-ups are my favorites!

The present was Colorforms! There are a million different shapes in all colors, and you can make pictures on the black backgrounds. I got started making a castle!

I showed Meema all the stuff I got at school, and we read a book and did a bunch of other stuff. Then I decided to vacuum the rugs to calm down a little.


Do you like my new gloves? I will need them because, guess what! It started snowing just when it was time for me to go home. 

Maybe there will be a Snow Day and no school tomorrow.


Barbara Rogers said...

What a wonderful day indeed! Great little fairy painting! School is just about to end for the holidays...and maybe there will be snow, sometime or another.

Sandra Parshall said...

Fairy Godmother wants to see photos of what she makes with Colorforms! That toy has been around for many decades, but kids still enjoy it. I'm so glad Josie likes it.

Vicki Lane said...

I probably wont have her for much time till after Christmas but when things are quieter and she finishes a picture, I will surely record it.