Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Another No Snow Snow Day


                        No school again yesterday so I stayed with Meema and Grumpy.  "I need some glass cleaner," I told Meema, and I got to work. The dogs put their noses on the windows and leave nose prints. So I took care of that.                                                            

  Meema has a decoration that is a tiny toy wagon and she put it on her shelf with some Christmas stuff. It was perfect for the Castle People and they played with it a lot.

We made banana bread. It was Meema's grandmother's recipe and Meema used to help her, just like I helped Meema. I mashed the bananas. Meema's grandmother was Ruby and she is my great great grandmother.

   I can use the electric mixer all by myself.


                                         Also I put more ornaments on the tree and moved the packages that needed to go under it. Meema said I was a big help.                                   

I like doing helping stuff. So I went and got the little vacuum cleaner and did the rugs.

The banana bread finally got done! It had to cool and we put it on the very same cooling racks Meema and her grandmother used to use. 

It was delicious and I took some home to my mom and dad. I think it is better than the kind Meema and Ruby used to make because I insisted on adding chocolate chips. Meema wasn't sure but I told her that everything is better with chocolate. 

And it is.



Sandra Parshall said...

Josie, you are so right about everything being better with chocolate! The banana bread sounds delicious.

Marcia said...

Tell Josie my granddaughter #2 who is in first grade helped me make banana bread recently and also insisted on chocolate chips! It was a nice addition.

Anvilcloud said...

Josie may have learned a lot out of school that day.