Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn Reds and Golds

Down the branch, a neighbor's sourwood tree is in full glory. Pale sourwood honey is thought by many to be the best honey of all
A sunny day-- golds dazzle the eye as light breezes make the trees shimmer and sparkle.
Just like in San Francisco, I'm always looking up. The buildings are a little different though ...

  For red and gold, just look at this confused forsythia --  bright yellow spring blossoms and deep red autumn leaves!
Catch the sun behind the leaves and you have Nature's stained glass.
The slide show pictures were taken yesterday in Asheville at the Botanical Gardens and at the Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary. Click on pictures to biggify.
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Marilyn & Jeff said...

Fabulous colour in these photos Vicki. Love the confused tree with spring blossom and autumn leaves. A few days ago I found an area with many different fungi types growing and it's spring here!
You said 'Down the branch' and branch is often mentioned in Signs in the Blood. I am not sure what branch refers to - a rail line maybe?

Brian Miller said...

nice. you can catch a bit of that shimmer there...the buildings are a bit different....and for my tastes the better, though i do like the city in moderation...honey, yum....happy saturday vicki

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

You have really captured the lovely fall colors Vicki. Great photos. I especially like the forsythia.

Kath said...

AS always soul lifting photographs. Thank you.
Sourwood honey, huh? I used to think I did not like honey, until I tasted Tupelo honey. Like a mouthful of flowers. So delicate, so ....
Now, I need to try Sourwood. Thanks.
With our up and down temperatures here in central KY, we too have trees shedding leaves and sporting blossoms.

Christine said...

The autumn foliage is so beautiful!
I've not tried sourwood honey but I'm gonna get some next weekend when I go to TN. Have a wonderful day! It's a nice 54 here in FL this am.

Suz said...

oh these were a joy to look at

Unknown said...

Gorgeous shots.

Vicki Lane said...

Marilyn - in western North Carolina (and probably in other parts of the Appalachians) a branch is a creek or stream. Roads often take their names from the branch they run alongside of -- I live on Wool Branch Road which is just off Anderson Branch Road.

The color this year is a little muted -- not as many reds but still pretty nice.

Elora said...

Delightful! Our show is pretty much over; only the occasional gum tree, sugar maple and, of course, the scarlet oaks, remain.


NCmountainwoman said...

It's not only THOUGHT to be the best IS the best honey. We always keep several quarts on hand since there are years in which there is no sourwood honey. Love the photographs.