Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Retail Silliness

My 'favorite' catalog is back. How about a two thousand dollar toy boat? Just the thing for these tough financial times when the real thing may be out of your reach.

And if you miss those happy days of the Fifties and would like this sexy fella around the house to croon to you, here's a blue light special at only $199.95! Imagine the King himself propped up on the pillows beside you in bed or maybe taking the passenger seat so you can cruise in the carpool lane!


Now that the chillier days of fall are upon us, Uncle Festus will likely be staying indoors and his riding cooler will be gathering dust in the garage. But think of the happy expression on his dear old face when you gift him with this! Warning! Be sure to clear away the hounds and throw rugs from around Uncle's recliner and TV.

Last of all, for the little ones in your life -- a perfect way to teach them about the arms race.
Imagine the cries of delight on Christmas morning and the marshmallows hurtling through the air in your living room!

Be prepared! Have a fire in the fireplace and some pointed sticks ready for the post-battle bi-lateral disarmament!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love "useless" stuff. And there are so many catalogs out there full of it. (And I mean that both ways it can be taken.)
One of my hubby's favorite things is a "gun" that shoots air. Well, it's kind of a cannon or something. It's a big hit in offices.
I like the marshmallow thing. Would be kind of messy, though.
Ever wonder who comes up with these things?