Friday, October 31, 2008

A Halloween Costume

Mum looked up from her sewing machine set at one end of the dining table. She was stitching another strip of bright polka-dotted fabric onto the gypsy skirt that was going to be Laurie's costume. . . I'll be finished with this as soon as I add the rick-rack, (she said.). (OLD WOUNDS, page 333)

Laurel's costume for that fateful Halloween was (surprise, surprise) based on the lovely gypsy outfit my beloved grandmother made for me when I was in kindergarten. As you may have guessed, I rarely throw anything away. The picture is faded but the dress itself has been kept safe in a cedar chest and is almost as bright as it was sixty years ago.

Here's wishing a happy All Hallows' Eve to everyone!

And from ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggity beasties,
and things that go bump in the night,
May the good Lord protect us!

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Susan M. Bell said...

What an adorable dress. And how wonderful you have kept it all these years - something to pass on through the family.

I love Halloween. Ghost stories, ghost hunt TV shows...I love scary stuff. Only bad part are the instances of pumpkin smashing that seem to be the norm every year. And even that is a kind of tradition.

Tammy said...

What a sweet dress. I can imagine how beautiful you felt in it, when your grandmother made it for you. Beautifully preserved too, esp. the colors. I was doing a bit of pawing through the trunk the other day and found several of my baby clothes. I was searching for a little crocheted bib that one of the dear ladies from church made for me when I was born. Her 90th birthday was yesterday, and her family had a doings for her, so I wanted to show it to her. Everybody was amazed at how lovely the work was and how well it had held up (and let me tell you, it's been a few years! ha...)

Vicki Lane said...

I love old clothes with a story -- that's wonderful about the bib -- another treasure.