Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Two Rather Different Workshops

This summer I'll be teaching in two residential workshops -- both quite good but very, very different. 

I'll be at John C. Campbell Folk School, June 25 - July 1, leading a class for folks who might want to write a novel. This class meets five days a week and the participants write in class from my prompts, read aloud what they've written and listen to suggestions, and then do it some more. 

We are the only writing group that week  -- other students for the week will be making glass beads, blacksmithing, bookbinding, throwing pots, cooking, fiddling, painting, weaving, quilting, carving, making jewelry, making soap, making a longbow . . .

I've led this class for several years -- and several novels have come out of it. The participants seem to thrive on the beautiful setting and the general hum of creativity that hangs over the Folk School. 

It's always a pleasant week --  there are optional nature walks every morning and a program called MorningSong and there are musical programs most nights. Campers are encouraged to sit at different tables at every meal so as to get to know others --and I always try to leave an afternoon free for my students to roam around and observe the work going on in the various studios. Everyone is friendly. And the food is remarkably good. There's a link HERE for more about JCC.

My other workshop will be July 8-15 at the Wildacres Writing Workshop. This is a critique workshop -- participants will have already submitted 18 pages of their novel in progress to me and the other workshop participants. Those 18 pages will receive my full attention and that of the others during the workshop meetings. We meet for only half of each day (and have one day off) -- leaving time for more writing, hiking, hanging out, and working on the skits for The Gong Show. 

It's a very different vibe from JCC. Ninety writers instead of a dozen.  For many, it's a time of finding their community, of taking their art seriously.

There are faculty and student readings, jams (lot of musicians here too) every night, and a kind of party atmosphere. In spite of or because of this, a lot of fine work comes out of this week on the mountain.

More about the Wildacres Writing Workshop HERE. (Note the page may not yet have been updated for 2017 but it will be soon.)

Both JCC and Wildacres offer scholarships. Both encourage early signups -- Wildacres especially fills up quickly and always ends up with a waiting list. 

Might one of these be a good fit for you?


Thérèse said...

If it was not for the distance I would go for "painting" at the first workshop and would be glad to see you in the afternoon to chat a little bit...

Darla said...

I've been wanting to go to the Wildacres for years…to meet and learn from you. Doubt I can swing it this year either, but who knows! :)

Jime said...

I think I would go for making a long bow. I have in the past and would love to again. The distance is too much however.