Friday, March 14, 2008

Full Circle

My son Justin and his girlfriend Claui are setting up a small blacksmith's shop under the shed of the old corncrib. Claui learned some blacksmithing when she was a student at Warren Wilson and both of them are eager to explore the possibilities of the craft.

I'm thrilled because it's a return to what was. Clifford, who lived here before us, had a small coal-fired forge. He could repair his horse-drawn equipment and make simple tools.
We have a few artifacts remaining from Clifford's forge -- a single small andiron and an elegantly curved something that we use as a hose guide

It'll be exciting to see where this leads. At present Claui is working on a set of hooks to hold up curtain rods in their living room. I like to think that the farm is happy to hear the ring of the blacksmith's hammer again.

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