Monday, March 24, 2008

Big Words

Big words -- I've always loved them. And in the historical sub-plot of the soon-to-be-released In a Dark Season, I have a character that allows me to use as many whoppers as I can manage.

Allow me to introduce myself – Thomas Walter Blake, the second of that name, native of Charleston, South Carolina, late of Harvard University, and completely at your service. In view of our enforced intimacy, may I suggest that we dispense with formalities hereafter? If it meets with your approval, I shall call you Lydy and I beg that you will make use of my own praenomen, my familiar appellation, my given name . . . in short, please call me Tom.

Lydy’s eyes narrowed. Reckon I’ll stick with Professor, iffen you don’t keer. Hit don’t seem fitten fer a body with so many big words in his craw to be called by a name any common he-cat might carry.

It was great fun imagining a fella like the Professor, sharing a cell with an unschooled farm boy like Lydy. While I was writing this book, my own vocabulary grew as I looked for obscure, multi-syllabic words to adorn the Professor's speech.

And now there's this site - - which allows me to build my vocabulary and provide a meal for someone somewhere. Warning: it's kinda addictive!

I've put up all my pictures from the Easter party I've been going on about -- will probably add more as they come in.

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