Thursday, June 23, 2016


The web provider we've been with since we first ventured onto the internet is closing down the tower that has provided us with (not very) high speed wireless, leaving us the option of dial-up (life isn't long enough to deal with dial-up again) or a new provider.

Accordingly, we have acquired a satellite provider with what seems to us dizzying high speed. Unfortunately, there are limits to how much bandwidth we can use without paying a good bit more so we are feeling our way -- how much web surfing, Facebook, etc. can we do and stay within the limits? 

We can use the Internet between the hours of 2 and 8 am and during that times, the rate of consumption is counted as half. So I'm going to attempt to adjust my habits . . . and expect to be online less and working on the novel in progress more. (It's going well -- I'm optimistic that I'll finish by fall.)

I am also acquiring a new email address -- as my old one is linked to the account we will no longer have. I'll be sending out change notices and will also post the new addy now in the first comment. 

Dealing with change . . . one thread at a time.



Vicki Lane said...

You will find me at vicki3laneATgmailDOTcom

Anvilcloud said...

Oh, that is not cool. We can't get proper internet at the cottage. Although it is available in the area, there are hills in the way from our spot.

Frances said...

Thank you, Vicki, for letting us know about ch-ch-ch-changes round your place.

It's good that you will be gaining more time to finish that novel, even if we might see a bit fewer posts from you.

The spider's web pictures are spellbinding.


NCmountainwoman said...

Change. Something to which we must constantly adapt. We had the same problems when we first moved here. Now, thank goodness, we have DSL. So much better than the on-again and off-again service from the previous service. It was from a relay tower that got its satellite reception feed from Greenville. Stopped working every time we had rain. Which is pretty often here.

L. D. said...

I am fighting with Yahoo who shut down my mail for a while. I had to make a new password that was similar to the old one. I am really frustrated with all of the internet communication systems. Hang in there as you make the chhhhannnnges. Don't give up.

Ms. A said...

I can't even imagine dealing with limited data, you poor thing! I'd be sunk.

katy gilmore said...

Speaking of change - today we are in London with shocked Londoners!

jennyfreckles said...

It would be nice if these kind of things didn't have to change all the time!