Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Wedding Quilt for Joe and Julie Claire

I'm back from John C. Campbell and back from a very quick visit to my brother in Alabama.  I have more JCC pictures to share but first there's this quilt. . .

A friend asked me to help with putting together a quilt for her daughter and future son-in-law. I've been involved pretty much every step of the way but, as is traditional, had to keep the secret.

Since the wedding was last Saturday, I'm free to publish pictures now.

The bride's mother  -- a relative novice to quilt-making -- picked out the fabrics in beautiful sea-glass colors, assembled the kits, then spent hours arranging and rearranging the squares that friends and family had sewn, and more hours sewing the border that contained embroidered rectangles, also from friends and family.

Time was short and the bride kept coming home for weekends -- meaning that all signs of quilt making had to be hidden away till she left again.

When the top was finally pieced, all three layers had to be basted.

At last the quilt was on the quilting frame and we could get to the serious work of quilting. Ruth, the bride's mother, is cutting paper hearts to be used as templates for quilting in the solid squares while Claui (my daughter-in-law) and Amelia (the bride's sister) ply their  needles.

Most of the quilting got done in a few long days (there were others who quilted) and then the quilt came off the frames and the borders got done on hoops.

As is always the case, a whole lot of love went into the quilt. . .

If you'd like to see even more pictures, there's a link to a web album HERE.


Frances said...

Oh my goodness Vicki...what a fabulous gift. So many hours and so much love went into every inch and stitch. The quilt is a real beauty. I would imagine that some tears were shed when the quilt was first seen by the bride.


Junk Journal Penpals said...

...and very beautiful it is too. I'm sure the young couple are delighted with it!

NCmountainwoman said...

What a beautiful and meaningful gift. It will become a treasured heirloom in the future.

Ms. A said...

Beautiful quilt and a personalized treasure to cherish!

Darla said...

I'm catching up on my reading of your blog (been busy-busy with elder care), thus the late date for a comment! :) Normally, my favorite posts are those of nature because your photography is wonderful, but, for some reason, maybe because I've been thinking a lot about family recently (mom and grandma), this one touched me deeply. Exquisite work of love, this quilt-making you and others do. Blessings!