Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Something New

After my recent failure to send a holiday album of pictures to all recipients of my newsletter, The Goodweather Reports (too many, too large pictures-- some servers choked on them), I'm experimenting with this blog which seems to promise to let me add pictures at will. We'll see.

The picture above (taken from my bedroom window) is sunrise at the winter solstice. The sun has gone as far to the south as it can and now will begin its journey north, bringing with it longer days.

"Growing up in Florida and in the suburbs, she had never realized how the sun paced back and forth during the year, like a restless dog on a tether. During the winter it rose far to the southeast and skulked along the ridgeline, disappearing in mid-afternoon." ( from Signs in the Blood, the first Elizabeth Goodweather novel.

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eldean said...

Vicki, you are something else! Love the view from your window now let's see a view of you...speaking of which I hope we get up there this year.

Vicki Lane said...

Oh, how I hope that you all do!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the followup on the awards; I'm sure some of them are fine books. However, I looked at one of those that made the short list and it was so poorly written I put it right back down. Wouldn't check it out at a library, much less buy it. (Your's are bought the second they are available and kept for rereading.)

Lynne from Ga.

Vicki Lane said...

Hey, Lynne, Thanks for the kind words. So glad you see my books as keepers!

Susan F. said...

Hi, Vicki. I am an avid Elizabeth Goodweather (and Vicki Lane)fan and right now I'm reading In a Dark Season. My family and I visited Hot Springs this weekend and we found the Gudger's Stand spot! How exciting!

Vicki Lane said...

Welcome, Susan F.! So glad you're enjoying the books!

I post on this blog almost daily -- and somewhere (maybe in May or June) there is a link to a web album of pictures of places that inspired the places of DARK SEASON. And there are lots of pictures that relate to the other books. Have a look around!

Many,many thanks for the kind words!

elysabeth said...

First time I've stopped by your blog and that is an awesome sunrise. I saw your name on the SC Book Festival of authors. Looking forward to seeing you again. I'll probably be there as a volunteer again this year - and hopefully next year I'll be selected as a presenting author - lol - see you in Columbia the end of February - E :)