Sunday, May 5, 2019

Porch Gardening and Tomato Futures

After last year's disappointing (to us, not the deer) garden, we've been considering or options. And have not yet planted anything down in the real garden. Corn, cucumbers, herbs, and cole crops were some of the few things the critters didn't mess with so we'll probably make a start soon -- as soon as the garden dries out enough to till.

Meanwhile, I'm making a modest start on the porch - two Cherokee Purple and one cherry type tomatoes down there at the end along with Rosemary, Dill, Italian Parsley, Cilantro, Basil, and Lavender. I'll plant more basil and parsley down in the garden but it's so nice to have some right at hand when I'm cooking.

One of the maters has set a fruit.

Those are red bell pepper plants marching down the steps. There's also a jalapeno higher up. And on a little deck on the other side of the house that only gets half day sun, I'm, starting lettuce, broccoli, chard, and beets in containers.

We'll see how it goes -- some of this container gardening is unexplored territory to me. But it should be a fun way to involve Josie. 

And, assuming the plants thrive, I'll hope the deer don't learn to climb steps. 


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh dear, the Mumbai spammer has struck again. I had him for a few days, then deleted all the spam-ness he offered, and he's gone away for now. Bothersome. Love that you're doing container gardening so much. I've been doing it for years...but have been slow to start this year. Somehow I never planted the petunia babies yesterday, so they are loving the rain and sitting on the porch floor next to their hanging planter with the spade...all in the rain this morning. I thought it would be cooler in the morning to work...and now it is, but wet. I have no place else to work besides the front porch...and procrastination has once again been a bad idea.

Vicki Lane said...

Got rid of the spammer . . . no doubt he'll be back. I've had to pull some of my flats with seeds into shelter, the rain was so hard yesterday. And, yes, it's very wet this morning.

NCmountainwoman said...

I also love having herbs close at hand. Do you not have a problem with squirrels eating the tomatoes? We cannot grow them on our deck because of the little varmints.

Vicki Lane said...

We rarely see squirrels on our porch as they're too busy eating in the birdfeeders.