Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pre-Spring Busyness and Early Voting

The past few days have been glorious! The star magnolia has popped into bloom -- too early as usual. It usually comes into bloom just in time to be hit by a freeze. 

Justin has been busy tidying their yard and spreading mulch.  

I've done a bit of tidying myself -- cutting back the dead sedum stalks and re-working this planter by our greenhouse door. 

The fiber liner began to rot away years ago and I kept poking flat stones in to hold the dirt in place. Finally I bought some new liner material and reworked to whole thing.

It's too early to plant flowers in it but I did stick in some garlic cloves that were starting to sprout. They're quite hardy and I can harvest the shoots for salads or cooking till it's warm enough to stick in some geraniums.

And I got out and voted. I love being able to vote early -- it's handy -- right across the street from the grocery -- and it's quick. 

This is probably the first time I've ever had such difficulty choosing between the candidates for the presidential nomination. (Democrat, of course.) I see pros and cons to both  --  and actually sent money to one, early on, then voted for the other yesterday. I didn't quite flip a coin but almost. No matter, I'll happily support whichever is the candidate. 

Because my greatest concern is that none of the Republican candidates prevail . . . Trump seems to me a vulgarian and a loose cannon who would, at the very least, lower our country in the estimation of the rest of the world; Cruz terrifies me with his smarmy, theocratic rhetoric, and Rubio seems like a pawn in the Republican game -- speaking in safe sound bites that follow the party line, a line I disagree with in almost every particular.

But I know there are those who feel every bit as threatened by the Democrats as I do by the Republicans. I wonder what it will take to bring this country together? 

Maybe an invasion from outer space?


Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

Looks like you've been busy Vicki. Like you I wonder what direction our country will go in after all the votes are counted. We plan to vote early by mail. The only problem we face is which one is the "least worst" of our choices. Not exactly a place I thought I would ever be...

Barbara Rogers said...

I have already voted too. And as I went in the door I still hadn't quite made up my Democrat mind. I was struck by a Facebook post which says something like "Do you think the rich are going to let you vote away their money?"

Frances said...

This election season offers us a selection of choices that I do not wish to vote for.

In past years, I have worked on many primary campaigns, and often felt that the closer I got to knowing more about the candidate I was supporting, the less that candidate appealed to me. It's always a matter of compromise, I guess, but this year's version really takes the biscuit.

I keep hoping that another Democrat will enter the race. For now, I'll be hoping that Bernie Sanders can stay in the race up to the convention. I don't want to have his issues minimized.

(I still can't quite believe that Ronald Reagan was elected President...twice.)


NCmountainwoman said...

I voted early yesterday and I had no hesitation at all in voting for Hillary. in my opinion, Bernie is full of idealistic rhetoric and empty promises even he knows he cannot fulfill. What magic wand does he plan to wave over this Congress to gain their support? I will vote for him if he is the candidate, but not happily. And I will hold my nose while I do it.

Liz Rose said...

I thought this article in the Guardian explained some things I've found hard to understand:

jennyfreckles said...

Many of us here are hoping that an invasion from outer space will carry Mr Trump away, at the very least! I saw a cartoon that said that we Brits see this not as a US election but as an IQ test for Americans.

Vicki Lane said...

HE is such an embarrassment -- the personification of The Ugly American. And obviously there are lots of folks deluded enough to vote for him.

Liz Rose cite a good article (above.)

Ellis Vidler said...

I will happily support the Democratic nominee. Both have good and bad points, but either is infinitely preferable to any of the current Republican candidates. Failing to vote is a vote for the other party. Our British relatives can't believe what's happening here. Neither can I.

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

I came back to thank Liz Rose for the very enlightening article. Truthfully both parties baffle me at the moment and the article helped me to understand more of what is truly going on in our country. Apparently I am the only Republican that left a comment, but can you imagine for a moment where that leaves many such as myself if Trump becomes the GOP nominee...

Vicki Lane said...

I have been wondering about what my (few) rational Republican friends are thinking. When the R's who have dropped out of the race, after pointing out just how very awful Trump/Cruz/Rubio are, then turn around and support them, it's obvious that party loyalty trumps (sorry) supporting a candidate who is actually better for the country.

And I understand that. I support the policies of the Democrats and that's what I vote for, even if I'm not enamored of the particular candidate. But so far, in my opinion, the D's haven't run a candidate quite so strikingly scary as Trump or Cruz.

Thanks for commenting, Sam. I really value hearing the other side.

Jim Egerton said...

I love the idea of jumping on the band wagon of revamping trade. There is a problem that crops up. Several problems. For every job we bring back here, someone in another part of the world looses a job. Inflation is another problem. Surely we would have inflation if we brought back jobs here say making clothes and appliances and other stuff.

And lastly who among us has looked for the label in a garment to see where it was made? Are we willing to pay 20% to 30% more for a made in America garment?

I am and always will be a Democrat. I love Bernie because he believes in his cause and is committed. HILLARY is another story

Well I will stop rattling on.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

I can't think of a single politician world-wide who I'd leap to vote for , at the moment .

Vicki Lane said...

Trudeau? Admittedly I haven't paid a lot of attention but I like what has filtered in.