Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gene's Girls

Gene wanted a son but what he got was Nancy and Frances.
He made do, teaching Frances to ride and shoot,
Taking her hunting and fishing.
She glowed in the light of his attention.
Years later, Charley came along -- a son at last.
Frances was deposed and returned to her mother's orbit.
"Pretty don't hurt," her mother said,
As Frances struggled with high heels and girdles,
Longing for those carefree tomboy days.

(Tampa, Florida -- late Twenties -- my husband's aunt, grandfather, and mother.)

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Victoria said...

Poor Frances! I was a tomboy, too, and hated it when my mother started insisting I behave like a 'lady.'

Martin H. said...

Did Nancy ever learn to ride and shoot, too? It's a great photograph, Vicki. Your husband's grandfather looks like a 'Gene'.

Pat in east TN said...

I raise my hand to that also. What a tomboy I was, and even to this day and t-shirt, jeans and boots are my clothing of choice, although I do clean up nicely, ha, but am not that comfortable,

Miss_Yves said...

When I look at Nancy and Frances, who are so cute, I can't help thinking what we tell in French:

"Garçon(s) manqué(s) , mais fille(s)réussie(s) "

How to translatet his joke ?

Miss_Yves said...


Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Here, here for the tomboys! What a cute photo.

Louise said...

Nothing like girls who grow up basking in Dad's attention. Funny you should post this today, as I have a "remembrance" post on my blog as well.


Vicki -- Fun photo. Old family photos are invaluable for the generations that follows. Photography was such a great invention. -- barbara

Star said...

I never was a tomboy I'm afraid. I love the way Gene is holding those girls up. I bet they were laughing for ages.
Being an only child, I've never experienced the coming along of a sibling. It must be quite traumatic.
Blessings, Star

Mama-Bug said...

That's a great post! I was a tomboy to the core...just give me dirt, sticks and a tree to climb. I was a firstborn and when I got big enough I went every where with my dad.Then there was a sister and finally the long awaited boy. My heart was broken, I asked my mom to take him back where she got him from! But later in my life I resumed my rightful place and enjoyed going with my dad when my other siblings were too busy with their own lives. I really cherish those precious times with my dad because he's no longer here.

Vicki Lane said...

Lots of tomboys out there!

Miss Yves -- maybe that would be 'A would be boy but a successful girl'?

Martin -- I don't know the answer -- it was my impression that Nancy was more the girlie one.