Wednesday, July 1, 2009

End of June Walk

The air was clear; the sky was blue. Come with me for a stroll on the last day of June.

(Click on picture to enlarge -- choose full screen option for best results)
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Susan M. Bell said...

I tried to go to your link and it's not working. Wondering if it's a problem on my end. Well, will try again later. Looking forward to it, actually. :-)

willow said...

Now I am suffering from a huge case of chicken envy. And I was particularly taken with your stunning hydrangeas. Wonderful slide show, Vicki!

Liz said...

Your hydrangeas are a lovely shade of blue - I just found out that it's aluminum sulphate in the soil that makes them blue - no aluminum makes them pink - I always thought it was acid in the soil that determined the color. Did you know that the tip of a Cedar Waxwing's tail color is determined by what kind of berries they eat? Nature has a wonderful way of showing her surprises. Thanks for the walk.

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Hey, Vicki, came by earlier, ready for a stoll, no dice. Came back and took a wonderful walk! Everything looks fabulous! John is so talented, love the press!
Maybe I'll hit it lucky and come by at Apple harvest :D

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks, Susan, for alerting me to the problem. I couldn't make the link work but managed to embed the slide show. It works best if you click on the picture and choose FULL SCREEN mode.

Oh, Willow, there are so many fancy chickens I would love to add to our flock!

Liz -- I didn't know that about Cedar Waxwings but I did know that flamingos' pink depends on what they eat. I think that it's shrimp they need to be a brilliant pink.

Carol -- I'm excited about the press -- while I'm not a huge fan of apple juice, I love hard cider -- the sparkling kind. We're going to see what we can do along those lines.

Victoria said...

Wonderful walk, Vicki, thanks for taking me along! ;-) Our hydrangas here are still in the bud stage, but they should be open by the middle of this month.

Vicki Lane said...

I adore hydrangeas! That greeny white tinged with palest blue in the beginning and the the clear blue as they mature. I have another bush that turns all shades of lavender. And an oak leaf hydrangea with creamy white blooms and the MOST gorgeous leaf color in autumn.