Wednesday, February 21, 2018


The building I'm meeting my classes in this semester is in Asheville's Arts District. It was formerly a feed and seed warehouse but it's been converted to artists' studios and the offices of the environmental organization Riverlink.

It has some nice brickwork and, inside, great dark beams and a beautifully worn wooden floor .

As I cropped and edited these pictures and looked at that faded-out, painted-over Purina sign, I suddenly had a kind of memory of standing in that big open door -- back when the place was selling feed and seed.

I'm writing this late Tuesday night and John is asleep or I'd ask him if he remembers going there maybe forty years ago.

Do I have a good memory or just a vivid imagination?

 I'll update this tomorrow with his answer.

John says we might once have visited a Williams  Feed in the same area but he disavows any memory of this place.


Anvilcloud said...

I'll be interested to learn the answer. The memory might be real, or it may be triggered by something similar, even a movie or your imagination (perhaps from something you've written).

Barbara Rogers said...

Love those old buildings, and this one doesn't look like a warehouse like so many others turned into studios!

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

That's a grand old building. I love old buildings. I always feel they carry an aura with them — you can almost feel the pat lingering over the brickwork.

Jim Egerton said...

You brought back my memories of a trip to Asheville and the Art District. Took some good pictures there. Turning old buildings and factories into artist haunts is a great way to save them for something peaceful,useful and meaningful.