Friday, July 30, 2010

Remember. . . ?

The air 
 Benumbed, biting, bitter. 
The wind
Blasting, bleak, boreal.
Each breath  
Chill crisp, cutting.
The earth
Frigid frosty, frozen.
The water
Gelid, glacial .. . . hyperborean.
Each day
Icy, inclement, intense.
And the weather report --
Nipping, numbing, penetrating, piercing,
Shivery, sleety, snappy, snowy, stinging. . .
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Victoria said...

I do...and I wish it were here again!

Those are beautiful photos, Vicki, and I loved the array of words you used to describe winter.

R. Burnett Baker said...

You're killin me Vicki! We have that frozen frosty freeze @ least 6 months of the year, and last year we didn't even have summer here in Upstate NY.

I'm so enjoying this summer's sunshine and heat, but your photos, beautiful though they are, gave me butterflies in my gut!! Gawd don't let it come too quickly!

Let me feel sunshine on my face, warm wind in my (short) hair, and heat, sweltering heat!! At least 'till mid-October.


Rick :)

Julienne said...

For me, it is
Remember December, Hot, humid, sticky, steamy, wet, with wild storms. Dripping perspiration and sticky hands. Always looking for the ever disappearing breeze!!!!

Martin H. said...

Brrrrrrrr! Yes, only too well.

I love the turning of the seasons and, soon, those wonderful photographs of yours will be the reality once more. I'm enjoying the warmth while it lasts!

Amy said...

Thank you for these pictures and the promise that this swampy, disgusting, swelteringly hot and humid summer will pass here in the mid-Atlantic.

I can't wait to be able to breathe crisp air again.

Pat in east TN said...

I do remember December, and I do wish it was here again! This summer has been a humdinger and I just want it gone, gone, gone!

Friko said...

No thank you, not just now, please. Let's have a bit of summer first. The UK is grey and dull and dismal, typical summer.

Brian Miller said...

and we were hoping it would get warmer but now i would give anything for a snow ball

June said...

I was remembering February yesterday, hunting for a specific photo when I fell over my blizzard pictures from that month. I tried to make it feel good, looking at those pictures while I sweated. It didn't work.
Pretty, yes, but desirable . . . never.

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

I'm with Pat....this summer is a humdinger! I'd like to be in between this heat and those pics!

Vicki Lane said...

I remember December -- I was yearning for summer heat. And now that I've got it (and how!,) I'm thinking wistfully of snow -- or maybe not snow ... crisp Autumn sounds rather nice though.

Sorry, Rick! My ex sister-in-law live in upstate NY (Bemus Point) and I know how awful those winters are.

And Julienne -- I forget, sometimes, that December means something entirely different to half the world!

Friko and Martin -- a cool grey English summer sounds quite appealing to me just now. Out air has been so heavy that it's hard to breathe. Amy's description says it all. And I'm in the mountains where it's a good ten degrees cooler than the lowlands.

Pat -- one thing about it -- we can be sure that December will come. Like you, I've had enough of this summer. We did get a lovely thunderstorm last night!

Brian -- when my kids were little, we sometimes saved a few snow balls in the freezer for summer...

June -- those pictures were taken during our worst storm -- power out for days, much tree damage . . . I certainly don't wish that on us again.

willow said...

Ah, delicious December. I am counting the days till woolly socks weather. How soon we forget! Beautiful bit of writing, Vicki.

Tammy said...

Oh yes..I remember December. Bone numbing cold and just the beginning of a long bitter winter, trying to keep the livestock all going. And now we are in the midst a long sticky summer, and frankly I choose neither, but rather like the idea of a long cool, crisp Autumn as well. We were denied Spring (except for about two days of it), so I hope, hope, hope we can catch a nice break this fall.

Jill said...

Oh yes...I loved all of the snow! The ice I can do without, but the snow was glorious. Thanks for the comment about Miss May the donkey. I look forward to seeing more pictures of your Kate.

NCmountainwoman said...

Oh, I do remember it. Although I never wished even then for hot weather, I'll take this miserable heat and humidity over the snow and ice any day.

Liza said...

I'd rather forget, but yet I find myself craving that crisp at times. I always regret that craving though,
kind of like after I eat a box of Kraft Dinner.

Beautiful post!

Paul C said...

You just made me crave for some ice cream.

Deanna said...

Beautiful words to go with beautiful pictures.

I could go for some cooler temperatures right now...

Suz said...

keep the winter with it's bleakness
and inside stale air
But I love alliteration!

Vicki Lane said...

A nice long crisp Fall would be great!

Winter is hard on farmers as Tammy mentions-- keeping the critters fed and out of harm's way is a constant anxiety.

Jill -- I'll try to get some more pics of Kate soon. She's beautifully sleek right now.

Liza -- put the Kraft dinner down and move away.

Paul --Or snow cream? Yum!


Vicki -- As my dad would say -- the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.-- barbara

amothersheartinwords said...

And thank You for stopping by my blog, as well. I am a great lover of chickens and fall more in love with them every passing year.

I do remember December although it looks as though yours was lovelier to look at than ours. I'm thankful for each season because each season makes me even more grateful for the NEXT ONE!

Indeed this charming home has been and still is being, restored by us. Really, it has made us better people. We owe to it the depths of our hearts. So we try to be good stewards of it and the land upon which it sits.



Reader Wil said...

Cold, but.... very spectacular!

jennyfreckles said...

It must be hot, for you to long for that! But isn't it wonderful how, for many of us in this amazing world of ours, the seasons do turn and turn again.

Tipper said...

Seems so far away in this heat-but yes I do remember : )