Monday, February 8, 2010

The Green Wheelbarrow

... with apologies to William Carlos Williams

so much depends

a green wheel

white with 
snow dust

before the dark
moon gate

 Eddie wishes there were white chickens. 

We were happy to be spared the major snow and ice so many got. 
On Sunday morning there was just a light dusting of snow everywhere.

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Poetry24 said...


I'm sure Williams needs no apology. In short, you can bet he's not seeing 'Red'.

Glad you escaped the worst of the weather. We're promised some more snow this week. Brrrr..

Pat in east TN said...

Nice pictures, as always.

We were lucky too, only getting a light snow with some winds, but more is on the way tonight, tomorrow, and .......

Merisi said...

So those clouds were really all headed to DC! ;-)
thanks for the Monday morning smile!

Jon Lee said...

I love your little adaptation of Williams' poem. I love your black cat Eddie. He's beautiful. My husband and I want to buy a farm when we retire. I love yours. I told him we must look in North Carolina. We did not get much snow in the Chicago area. We are expecting some Tuesday night. Wednesday is supposed to be bad.

Vicki Lane said...

We are promised more snow this week also -- as I keep reminding myself, it's still February!

Nothing compared to what DC and the surrounding area had -- and Chicago... brrrr, indeed!

Eddie is admirably suited, so to speak, for this weather. He will stay out all night, pursuing his wildlife studies, then spend the day inside sleeping.

NCmountainwoman said...

Loved the green wheelbarrow. I'm hoping the snow passes us by this time. We could also do without the freezing rain.

Carol Murdock said...

Hey Vicki, great pics! I'm ready for Spring and a reason to use a wheelbarrow! How about you?? :)

Friko said...

Lovely post, Vicki; I love your beautiful cat.

Susan D said...

Exellent pics.

Vicki Lane said...

The next two days look a bit unsettled, Mountainwoman. My husband has gone to the store for the necessities -- dog food, sunflower seed, Scotch, and coffee.

I will greet Spring joyfully when she arrives, Carol!

Ah, Friko! Another member of Eddie's fan club, I see. And what a wonderful post you had at your place today! Brava!

Many thanks, Susan D!

Victoria said...

Oh my, that Eddie gets more handsome every time I see him! But don't tell my cat, Shadow, I said that. You know how tempermental cats can be...

I hope you manage to avoid any nasty weather. Y'all have had more than enough to deal with, what with all the rain last summer and all the snow this winter!

Vicki Lane said...

Eddie compliments you on your good taste, Victoria.

Our weather is yucky but to be expected in February. How are you doing? More snow? I heard about mudslides in CA -- hope that wasn't near you.

Victoria said...

No, thank goodness, they didn't affect us at all as we're on top of the mountains. The poor folks who were impacted by the slides lived at the bottom of the hills that burned last summer and fall. I just can't imagine how horrible it must feel to know the elation of returning to your home after a fire and finding it intact, then losing it to a mudslide a couple of months later.

Tipper said...

I'm wondering how much you have gotten today-I'm headed your way in the morning-to the VA Hospital.

Love the first photo-looks like it should be in a gardening magazine : )

Vicki Lane said...

Glad you were spared, Victoria, but how sad for those other folks.

Tipper, it's snowed all day but no accumulation to speak of at our place. Don't know about Asheville -- sometimes they get it worse than we do.