Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Morning Stroll

Spring is hurtling along -- every day brings something new and wonderful.

My stroll to the chicken house yesterday morning yielded a nice haul of eggs and a little web album of the latest Spring arrivals -- Mother Nature's fashion show.

Note: Please ignore that empty Spinning Wheels post some of you received. I hit the wrong button. The post that goes before this one is Marigold the Jersey Heifer. Spinning Wheels will happen tomorrow, if I don't foul things up again. ~ V
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Star said...

Lovely pictures Vicki, especially the hen. Does she lay the white or the brown eggs? I have early rhubarb too and primroses. Aren't they gorgeous.
Blessings, Star

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for taking us on that stroll! Thanks for your visit to my post about my concentrationcamp in Java. I answered your comment on my blog.

Vicki Lane said...

Star --this hen lays brown eggs. The other eggs aren't actually white but a pale blue-green and they are from the Ameraucanas.

Reader Wil -- I'm inspired by all your lovely photos and by your walk in the polder.

Bo Parker said...

I have a complaint to file and a confession to make. Maybe that should be just a confession to make with the complaint aimed at myself. It’s your pictures. They are taking up way too much of my time. See, here’s what’s happenin’. I keep capturing and adding some of them to what I call my “Day in the Mountains” screen saver. It runs as a slideshow with the Ken Burns effect.
The problem with that is this. I sit for spells that run way too long and do nothing but watch the mountain scenery glide about my screen every time I let the computer goes unused for two minutes and switches into screen-saver mode. It’s like taking a trip home. Either I am sitting on the porch, looking at the world around me, or I am taking a drive through the countryside.
Which is to say I love those pictures. I admit to a bias for land that goes up and down more than it goes from here to there, but I still think there’s got to be a way for more of the world to see these pictures than just on a blog site.
Bo Parker

Vicki Lane said...

Why, Bo! Thank you for the kind words! I adore taking pictures and I live in a place with photo opps on every hand. I'm so glad you're enjoying the scenery!

Byron said...

What a beautiful hen! What kind is she?

Vicki Lane said...

She's a Gold-Laced Wyandotte.