Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Piece of the Puzzle

"Hand in hand, Elizabeth and Phillip strolled down the leaf-strewn driveway, toward the little pond just beyond the herb field. . . . Down the rock steps and across the wooden footbridge that spanned the shallow branch. The pond lay bounded on one side by the herb field and on the other by a pasture. A rustic pavilion, almost hidden by the coils of a rampant wisteria, jutted out over the still water, and two dark-stained Adirondack chairs awaited them there." (Old Wounds, p. 203)

Here's another bit of the real farm that also shows up in Elizabeth's world. (And yet another blue bench!) Alas, in our world Elizabeth's fragrant field of herbs is a cow pasture -- fragrant in a different way.
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Pat in east TN said...

What a peaceful setting, regardless of it's fragrance!!! LOL

Vicki Lane said...

It is, indeed. And a great pleasure, come summer,to feed the fish and watch the dragonflies darting. At nightfall you can see bats swooping down for sips of water.

NATASHA said...

Someone sent me a quaint postcard in the mail!

Vicki Lane said...

:) Thanks again!