Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Room of One's Own

At the library in Albemarle the other night, someone asked about my 'writing room' and I had to admit that it probably wasn't what she imagined. If you want to see a serious 'writing room,' follow this link to see Sue Grafton's home office --

Nice, huh? Of course, she's sold a gazillion books and she's earned that space.

What I have is more of a writing corner: a comfy chair and ottoman for me and my laptop in the corner of an upstairs room that's also home to my cutting table, fabric collection, sewing machine, quilting books, crafts supplies, easel and paints, finished and half-finished canvases, painting and art books, research books, my grandmother's treadle sewing machine, dried gourds -- some decorated, some not, old favorite books, gift wrapping supplies and an embarrassing amount of junk that I can't make myself throw away (the wasp nest and shed snake skins aren't junk; I consider them as something between decoration and talismans.)

Mexican votive candles, a dog's skull, pottery from Nicaragua, postcards and gourds, a rock from Scotland, shells from Cape Lookout and Apalachicola, white deer bones, a few houseplants, a soapstone frog, a porcelain dog I've had since childhood, a sepia-toned photo of the House of David ball team, a poster of the Lady of Shallot, lots of old mirrors, and a bumper sticker that says "Member of the Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society" -- these are a few of my favorite things.

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