Sunday, January 6, 2008

Around the Bend

The snow has melted; the last of the Christmas red and green has been put away; and it's time to think of the new experiences that lie ahead, just around the bend. The big thing on my mind is, of course, the new book -- a book without Elizabeth, set in familiar Marshall County and centered on Miss Birdie. I'm trying hard to get into this octagenarian's head and to see through her eyes instead of through Elizabeth's. The challenge is intriguing -- to bring Birdie to life as who she once was and to discover what more there is to the cute old lady who everyone loves.

And I'm dabbling at making a play -- an entirely new endeavor for me -- out of the historical sub plot from In A Dark Season. I've always loved reading plays and I think this story of Lydy Goforth and the Drovers' Road lends itself to theater. But I am really stumbling in the dark here. Of course, that's how I felt not long ago when I decided to write a novel. You have to go through that gate and see what's around the bend.
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