Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Josie Is Immortalized

I am going to put a hand print in the wet cement! Cory is taking pictures while Mama and Daddy help.

(Cory is a professional photographer-- check out his amazing nature shots HERE.)

This is exciting!

But I DO NOT want to do my foot!

Mama and Daddy insist.

I object loudly. The cement is cold and funny feeling on my foot. I do not like it.

I don't like getting it cleaned off either but do they listen? 

Then Daddy writes my name in the cement.

I feel calmer now.
I have been immortalized.


Anvilcloud said...

She will be happy about this in future.

KarenB said...

Poor Josie! Always parents wanting you to do things you don't want to! She's going to love it later, though

NCmountainwoman said...

But it will surely be of historical interest later, Josie. Unfortunately there are just some things you must suffer through for the sake of proud parents.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh poor dear...not understanding it a bit...and of course, her feelings were hurt.

Sandra Parshall said...

Poor Josie! But she will be glad later that it was done.

Tara said...

beautiful photos on Cory's Flickr page. Poor Josie will have a lot to share with a psychotherapist in about 15 years!

Thérèse said...

The pictures will be reviewed for the testimonies...
How fun for everyone!