Monday, January 14, 2019

Proofreading Again

Proud of myself. First I managed to get the header and the page numbers on my manuscript. (It should be easy but I have to relearn this step every time.)

In glancing through the pages, I discovered several lines of little square dots that will NOT disappear with a simple delete.  (Something that Word does occasionally for its own inscrutable reasons.) I've had this problem before and always left it to someone (copy editor) else to fix. As there is no someone else at this point, I asked Mr. Google what to do and quickly discovered a fix. 

Feeling tech savvy.

Then, wanting to make sure my chapter headings were where they should be and that there weren't any more of those lines of dots, I began skimming through the ms.. Though I've already proofread it numerous times, I'm finding lots of little things to change.

And I'm enjoying the story and the characters yet again -- I still think it's a good book. But then I would, wouldn't I? It's written by someone who understands just what I like.

(I was startled to find that I had a minor character named Josie -- this was written long before our Josie was even the proverbial twinkle in her father's eye -- and that book Josie was a little girl who contracts scarlet fever. Yikes! I couldn't remember at first if she got well -- and was prepared to change her name if necessary. But she did get well so she'll remain Josie.)

It'll be a day or so before I'm done and ready to submit it.



Anvilcloud said...

I have issues trying to edit a 3 paragraph blog post, and I still miss things. I don't know how I would cope with a novel.

Susan said...

Hooray for your persistence! It will get published and IT WILL SELL!

Barbara Rogers said...

I'm trying to meld some family history blogs into one document and it's a scream, especially with font size and changes from blogger to word. I am glad you are doing well with your editing. As well as finding the first Josie! What an interesting forerunner for your grandbaby!

Darla said...

Hang in there! :) Every time I self-publish, I have to re-learn the whole process again. If I could just finish a MS more quickly, maybe the details of the formatting wouldn't fade so quickly - in Word as well as in what is required to put it in EPUB. LOL

Nan Emanuel said...

What a a nice treat to have snow covered trees to enjoy instead of dismal brown!

I'm using Scrivener to write these days and it's a pleasure. Everything is in one place, including the research and media files. Compiling is also a breeze. You might want to check it out before you start putting together the Birdie stories. I found it to be a game changer.

How cool it was to find Josie in your story! Perhaps a good omen going forward.

katy gilmore said...

These comments often say onward! I do too!