Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Worth Every Penny

We awoke to a partially restored view, eager to see the last of that big elm that the sun is hiding behind. 

I'd almost forgotten how beautiful the rising mist is.

The elm proved recalcitrant -- it's a huge tree and will provide a lot of firewood. It required almost three hours of trimming branches and clearing a place for it to fall. And when it finally gave way, I missed it because I was changing Josie's diaper.

Once the elm was down, there were a few smaller trees still blocking the view. And, at last, they were down!

And it's back! -- the view that we fell in love with in 1973, the view that convinced us this was where we wanted to spend our lives.

The great thing is, that though there have been more houses built out there, the trees have been growing out there too, and we actually are seeing fewer buildings that we did ten years ago.

After supper, we took a bottle of  bubbly out to the porch to enjoy the night time view. And we saw fewer lights than we remembered, thanks again to those growing trees out there.

We were very pleased with Cruz Tree Services --  Salvador Cruz at 828- 266-0416. This is not a big company and I can't find a website for him. But they are hard, careful workers and they do what they say they'll do. We'll be using Cruz Tree Services again. He's on Facebook HERE and he responded to a message in a timely manner. They do work all over western NC and are nice folks. 

Expect more sunrise pictures!


Unknown said...

Beautiful! It hurts my heart to cut down trees, but sometimes it's necessary. Enjoy your gorgeous view!

Bernadette Wood said...

Breathtakingly beautiful! xx

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes- tree harvesting is just the right way to look at it! And next winter it will warm y'all as well. Enjoy the view!

Gayle Pearson said...

I miss those beautiful mountains! 💖

Misty Barnes said...

I'm looking forward to the pictures to come.

Jim Egerton said...

"Hills of home" Thank you for sharing your view. I miss them.