Sunday, September 16, 2018

Josie and Her Boy Cousins

Josie was thrilled to have an overnight visit from three cousins.  She thinks it would be nice if they came to the farm every day.

These guys are the children of two of Justin's first cousins. (No, not married to each other.) I don't know if that makes them, first cousins once removed or what.

They were great with Josie and she loved all the attention.

She even let them pick her up -- a privilege enjoyed by only a few of us. 

Some of their play she observed from a distance.

They all enjoyed playing with the Muscle Men and other little figures -- treasures saved from her daddy's childhood.


Unknown said...

So pleased Josie had so much fun with her cousins, family is important. Josie is such a doll Vicki, I love how she brings so much joy to you and John. ❤️❤️

Sandra Parshall said...

First cousins once removed. She looks happy to have other kids around. She’s very fortunate in the kind of family she has.

Barbara Rogers said...

What a great time with her cousins! I bet they enjoyed her too!

Elizabeth Solazzo said...

Seeing this sweet little girl makes me smile every time. Thanks