Saturday, June 18, 2016

Two More Studios and a Reading

Printmaking with Jim Horton and his assistant Nancy Darrell was a class I'd love to take. The studio was quite near the dining hall and I must have stopped in four or five times. So why do I have only these two pictures when there was an array of fancy and photogenic carving tools and many intriguing projects underway? 

I did get lots of pics of the finished projects which I'll post tomorrow when I cover the student exhibit.

Below is the compound where many of the classes are held. . .

Chip carving with Wayne Barton, assisted by Rick Svitzer, was a popular class.

Several folks told me that Wayne is probably the best chip carver in the US or possibly in the world.

I watched his knife glide through the wood as if it were butter.

I presume all these finished pieces are his work.

Writing classes don't actually lend themselves to picture taking nor to the Student Exhibition held on the last night. So we were given a room and a time for the students to read excerpts of what they'd been working on to any who were interested.

Douglas is working on a coming-of-age story set in Biloxi during Hurricane Katrina.

Willetta has finished her first novel, begun at JCC a few years ago, and is embarking on a cozy mystery, starring a retired third grade teacher who knows everything about everybody (and every body) in her small town.

And Charles has begun an enigmatic novela  obscura, about an American academic in Germany and Switzerland and the mysterious promise that binds him.


Frances said...

The variety of shared artistry at Campbell truly provide many, many possibilities.

Your posts will no doubt interest even more folks in participating next time.

I'm going to do some research myself! xo

NCmountainwoman said...

What a treasure the John C Campbell school is to all of Appalachia. It is so wonderful to keep the mountain traditions alive.

Jim Egerton said...

What a wonderful place to learn and share. There are paradises right here on earth. You have found some of them for us. Thanks Vicki

Ms. A said...

That's some amazing chip carving!