Sunday, April 12, 2015

Little Pleasures

Apple Blossoms

Yellow Trillium

Thread Leaf Japanese Maple


They're Back!


Ms. A said...

Love the apple blossoms! Just got my daughter a hummingbird feeder. She saw one the other day and I'm hoping she'll be able to see more!

Stella Jones said...

Beautiful Spring pictures Vicki. So many of those delights we don't have here including the humming birds but our Spring is blossoming too!

Merisi said...

Such beautiful messengers, like written confirmation that spring is here for good!
We seem to be on the same timetable this year (however, we haven't seen snow since Christmas).

Barbara Rogers said...

How great to find you again...because my blog page didn't list your blog link where it usually does, and I had to search for you. This is part of my morning routine now, and I'd feel bereft without looking at your beautiful photos and hearing about your life! Ahhh.

Carol Crump Bryner said...

These seem like huge pleasures to me, and I'm jealous of your beautiful spring day. I would especially love to see the trillium unfurl. Thanks for these lovely photos, Vicki.

Vagabonde said...

Your spring photos are lovely. We don’t have much of a garden, but we have 3 azalea bushes and since we don’t trim them, they are taller than me and flowering like crazy – a pink, a red and a white one. It is spring for sure.

Joan Horton said...

Beautiful pics