Saturday, April 25, 2015

Back to the Garden

Time to clear the weeds off the box beds so they can dry out a bit, be tilled, and planted.

 It's no hardship being out on a beautiful day like this.
 An early swallowtail working the thrift.

The chartreuse of the river birches I planted about forty years ago is almost electric against the blue of the sky

There's always time for some contemplative moments as I sit and hoick out the weeds.

 When I moved up to the herb garden, I had an OH WOW! moment.

Buried in an overgrown hedge, this pink tree peony was blooming like mad.
I planted it and another years ago after reading a Martha Stewart article about her tree peonies. Thanks, Martha!

 Ali Ali appreciates a nice warm bed.


Ms. A said...

That looks like a shower head in your hand. The grounds are looking absolutely gorgeous!

jennyfreckles said...

You look ready for battle! I love the bright green of the leaves at this time of year. Chartreuse is a good description of the colour. Your patch always looks idyllic, though clearly hard work goes on to keep it so.

Kath Marsh said...

Love the grotesque in the garden wall!

Anonymous said...

In Ali Ali's last name Infree?

Deana the Queena

Jim Egerton said...

There are magical places here and there. You definitely have created a place that is beautiful, whimsical, and magical. Thanks for taking us there.