Sunday, October 7, 2012

Over There

Click over to Meandering and Muses for a look at what Vicki's working on 
and some thoughts about her alleged writing career. 

She'd really appreciate comments over there too.
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Barbara Rogers said...

Well, I did go over there. Am very interested in your new book. Was going to say so, but there are those pesky "letter and number verification" things on the comments. So I came home here where it's comfortable enough to jsut write, and I don't have to strain my eyes to prove I'm human. Help!

Frances said...

Vicki, I did click over there, read the post, and now am even more glad than before that I found your site via a certain poet in Vienna.

My dad referred to the "recent unpleasantness. Nowadays, when we have such instant access to global troubles, arguments, even wars, it's awful somehow to have this personal notion of just how long scars take to heal. The current political choices here in the States underline this notion.

It would be grand to eventually get to meet you in person.