Saturday, October 16, 2010

San Francisco - Day 2

Well, I've had the much-anticipated meeting with Herself and, once again, she's nudging me in a slightly different direction. She remains reasonably enthusiastic about my writing but is not sure if They, the dread They who evidently have the final say, are going to think that the Elizabeth series is profitable enough to be worth continuing.
Things could change, I imagine, if next year's UNDER THE SKIN does exceptionally well. But in the meantime she's urging me to try something a little different -- something I've had in mind for a while. Still the same setting, of course, but less of a mystery (not that THE DAY OF SMALL THINGS is much of a mystery.)

And that's all I can really say about that at the moment. I will keep you apprised of the situation, as my grandfather used to say.
Meanwhile, I've enjoyed a little walking about and taking city pictures. But oh! how spoiled I am by the Nikon and the long lens! I keep trying to zoom and there is only a little wienie zoom on the Lumix.

And what a nice city it is! A wonderful diversity of population, mirrored in the amazing array of restaurants on every hand.And people zooming along the sidewalks on bikes, scooters, skateboards, bicycle rickshaws . . . all at top speed so it behooves one not to stop or change directions without looking behind one.

And I've been to some interesting panels and seen some old friends and will do more of the same today. 

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joanny said...
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joanny said...

Even still you have some really nice photo's posted here, especially love the first one.

You are a fine writer, and I am sure you will continue to only get better and better.

Nice having a little change of scenery hope it is a refreshing visit to San Fran.


Marilyn said...

I love it that you are giving these updates. Interesting that your writing may take a new direction, I hope it all works out well. I am still waiting for my books - can't wait!
I love your photos; it is so many years since I was in San Fran.

Joan said...

I had Txt's from my travelling friend Joan today who is also in SF. Don't kill Elizabeth off when I've only just met her! It is her widow-ness that I personally relate to apart from the rest of the story!
San Fran is a lovely city ..reminds me of Auckland in NZ>

Martin H. said...

It'll be fascinating to see which direction you take with your writing. I'm guessing that if you've had it in mind for a while, you will have a few ideas floating around, already?

I think the Lumix is holding its own. That first shot is fabulous.

jennyfreckles said...

Small camera or not, that first shot is fabulous. Great composition. The juxtaposition between creativity and business sounds uncomfortable - but if you already have some ideas for a new path, then go for it! And enjoy SF while you're there.

Friko said...

The main thing is, have fun. Enjoy the big city and its sights.

Pat in east TN said...

A different direction? I'm with you all the way .. no matter what you write, I'd find it fascinating. I still can't get The Day of Small Things out of my mind .. your books do that to me!

Have a great day!

Brian Miller said...

nice. sounds like you are haivng fun...and nice little teaser there...intriguing...

Miss_Yves said...

Great shots!
Thanks for sharing your visit in this wonderful city!

Polly said...

Love that first shot, Vicki. Seems like I'm not alone in that. Enjoy the conference. I look forward to your sharing it with the group at the SinC meeting.

Carol@The Writers Porch said...

Hey Vicki, As you know, I LOVE Elizabeth! However I read ALL kinds of genre's so I'll read whatever you write. Headed for the Smokies in the morning! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! XOXO

Bouncin' Barb said... happy for you that you are enjoying yourself so much while dealing with business as well. Love the pictures. Never been there but have heard it truly is a remarkable city.

Suz said...

What an adventure you are on
thanks for sharing
such wonderful photos
thanks for sharing the process
with us

Tipper said...

Glad your having a good time! And while I hope Elizabeth sticks around forever-I'm convinced I'll be a fan no matter what turns you take : )

Anonymous said...

Do I hear you saying there may be no more Elizabeth books after the next one? That is most definitively in the category of NOT A GOOD THING!!

Glad to hear that she's not nudging toward another setting, but I hope that Elizabeth can survive, especially since you've just finished the next one. If it were to be the last one, there could well be storylines 'left hanging,' never to be resolved. Ah goes on and we'll no doubt enjoy whatever you write.

Lynne in GA

Tammy said...

As the others have said your writing is great enough to continue on in other venues, and I shall certainly read your future work. However, it's just a shame that a character like Elizabeth--who is hardworking, independent, and well, real in a sense many women characters aren't--will possibly be nixed for future books. It's pretty hard to find normal women doing normal things (plus a little abnormal mystery work!) in todays fiction. I'll be hoping that the next Elizabeth books is an outstanding success! Enjoy your trip to the really BIG city.

Kaye Barley said...

Vicki - I'm enjoying your updates! Sounds like everyone is having a ball in San Francisco, and I'm loving all the photos - including the ones people are posting at Facebook. (but oh how I miss being there this year!).

I'm going to be interested in hearing how things go with your Elizabeth series, but you know what - I'm also pretty excited to hear you're thinking of another OR an additional avenue of interest. This could, I would imagine, be very exciting for you.

Vicki Lane said...

Just back from listening to a fun conversation between Rhys Bowen, Deborah Crombie, and Louise Penny -- three very good writers.

I'm not saying that the next book will be the last Elizabeth book. But you may be sure that after that dread cliffhanger in IN A DARK SEASON, UNDER THE SKIN ends with outstanding business resolved. There are a few tantalizing questions still hanging but not what you'd call a cliffhanger.

The direction Herself is nudging me in is good -- and something I've been thinking about. I'm certainly not through with Elizabeth but I don't mind giving her a stress-free, murder-free vacation while I pursue this new avenue.

And rest assured, there will be a strong, independent woman in the new book -- maybe even a widow, Joan.

That first photo is a goodie, isn't it? It's a hanging curtain of lights and the edge of a globe sculpture.

NCmountainwoman said...

Having read your books I have no doubt that you are full of wonderful stories about our mountains and people. You have such a good grasp of the mountain ways and that, coupled with your wonderful way of telling a story could make for many many books to come.

I suspect that anytime an author makes a series of books, it becomes a bit more difficult for the latest one. Those of us familiar with Elizabeth will grab the book the minute it comes out. Others might hesitate because they haven't read the others yet.

Whatever direction you are going blogger buddy, I'll be going along right behind, waiting for the next new book.

Star said...

We all need a nudge and some encouragement from time to time. I can't comment because I haven't read your books yet. I'm reading 'Of bees and mist' by Erik Satiawan at the moment.
Glad you're having a nice break and exploring new avenues.
Blessings, Star


Vicki -- Your first photo on the top of your post is a winner. Of course the others are wonderful too. -- barbara

Mama-Bug said...

That first photo is so awesome I want to just keep looking at it. So glad you're having a good trip.

Vagabonde said...

That first photo is very nice – the burnt sienna colour is good for the season. I am happy you are enjoying San Francisco – it’s a great city.