Friday, October 22, 2010

Me and Steig and Harper Lee and Some Other Guys

From the Southern Independent Booksellers bestsellers list for the week of October 10

1. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Stieg Larsson, Vintage, $7.99, 9780307473479
2. 61 Hours
Lee Child, Dell, $9.99, 9780440243694
3. The Girl Who Played With Fire
Stieg Larsson, Vintage, $7.99, 9780307476159
4. To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee, Warner, $7.99, 9780446310789
5. Play Dead
Harlan Coben, Signet, $9.99, 9780451231741
6. Animal Farm
George Orwell, Signet, $9.99, 9780451526342
7. The Day of Small Things
Vicki Lane, Dell, $7.99, 9780385342636

8. I, Alex Cross
James Patterson, Vision, $9.99, 9780446561969
9. Pursuit of Honor
Vince Flynn, Pocket, $9.99, 9781416595175
10. Pirate Latitudes
Michael Crichton, Harper, $9.99, 9780061929380

So, I thought that was pretty cool! And it's thanks to all of you who patronize your local Indie booksellers. (I know  -- it's just not possible for some of you who don't have a local Indie bookseller.)  

The independent booksellers have been my greatest friends. These are the folks who know their books and know their customers and delight in match-making. If they are enthusiastic about a book, they will hand sell it, singing its praises to the folks most likely to enjoy it.

I'm heading in this afternoon to one of my favorite indies  -- Accent on Books on Merrimon Avenue in Asheville.  I'll chat with folks and read a bit from The Day of Small Things and maybe tell about how Byron, one of the friendly booksellers there (and a hereditary Appalachian witch as well!) helped me with my research. 

And I'll be thanking them, as I'm thanking all of you, for the ongoing support!

(By the way -- if you ever find yourself craving a signed and personalized copy of any of my books for yourself or for gift-giving, Accent on Books is the place to call.  I'm in the area about once a week and it's easy to stop by and personalize a copy ...)

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Marilyn said...

Congratulations Vicki, how wonderful for you!
I am enjoying Signs In The Blood. I have Art's Blood too and yesterday my copy of The Day of Small Things arrived, oh how I wish I could go along to Accent on Books to hear you read from it; I would love to hear the local accent.

Victoria said...

Way cool, Vicki, congratulations!

Joan said...

I am just hopping in my private jet to zip over the oceans to hear you read .. Elizabeth and I share the same theology.. loving her. Congratulations Vicki on making THE LIST! I will be sharing you around NZ..if I can bear to pass them on.. and the next book I buy I will get Poppies fav. book shop in Hamilton.. to order it for me..and they might buy more!

Joan said...

PS.. just remembered..I don't have a private jet. That's John Travolta. Rats!

Pat in east TN said...

Congratulations Vicki! You've got to be ready to burst with pride, and rightly so!!!

Carol@The Writers Porch said...

Feeling pretty smug about now now my friend?? I LOVE it!

Elora said...

Wow, Vicki! That's pretty rarefied company ...for the likes of Harper Lee and George Orwell, that is...! Congratulations, girl!


My Carolina Kitchen said...

Lucky number seven. Congratulations Vicki. That's wonderful news.

Brian Miller said...

woohoo...that is awesome...

KarenB said...

Go you!! That's pretty cool! Congratulations!

Ms EM said...

How I wish I could go to Asheville today.

Do you have anything upcoming closer to the Triad? I would love to meet you in person!

Reader Wil said...

Congratulations Vicki! This is great! But I am not surprised! I wished I could hear you reading from "The Day of Small Things"!

Vicki Lane said...

Well, it IS just a regional list and just one week but, hey, I'll take all the reflected glory I can get. Thanks to all of you for celebrating with me!

Marilyn, Joan, and Wil -- I really will have to explore doing a podcast or something of a bit of the new book so you can hear the accent. But how I'd love to meet you all in person.

Mrs EM -- as a matter of fact, I'll be in Cary, NC at the Cary Library from 6 to 8 next week on Wednesday the 27th. How's that for wish-granting!

Martin H. said...

Congratulations Vicki. Hey, you're a chartbuster! And quite right, too.

vicki archer said...

Huge congratulations VIcki....what a wonderful achievement...xv

Bouncin' Barb said...

This comes as no surprise Vicki. Congratulations. To be in the same list as James Patterson? WOW! I have a couple on that list that I need to get through and then you are next. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was recommended by Garnetrose and it is a "can't put down" book. Can't wait to get to yours Vicki.

Marilyn said...

A podcast would be wonderful!

Tipper said...

Congrats!!! What great news! The Girl With The Dragon Tatto-is good very good. But since I've read it and yours-I can say without a doubt your book is every bit as good-and therefore should quickly move up to number 1!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on Accent on Books. We're headed to Maggie Valley for a week and usually make a run into Asheville and Malaprops, so we can add another bookstore to the itinerary. Always a good thing!

Lynne in GA

Kaye Barley said...

Vicki - Congratulations - this is VERY cool!!!!

Margaret Bednar said...

I'm in Asheville this weekend to hike the trails with two of my girls. We love Indy bookstores. Will have to swing by and get one of yours...I decided to wait and purchase it here as I knew there would be a big selection. Drove in when it was dark. I'm hoping the trees are a bit more colorful here than in Greensboro. From your photos it looks like we might be in luck.

maría cecilia said...

Wow, you are in the top tens!!! This is soooo good!! Congrats.

Anonymous said...

...and of course congrats, I'm not surprised to see you in the company of such fine writers. We're ensconced in our little cabin outside of Maggie Vally and so enjoying see the mountains out the window as well as in your beautiful photos. My husband is a photographer so thanks for the additional info about the botanical gardens.

Lynne in Ga, now happily in NC