Saturday, May 15, 2010

How Much Longer . . . Oh, Lord?

Under the Skin update!!

 As of Thursday night, the main story -- the present day story about Elizabeth and her sister was completed.  Huzzah!

But I still have to round off that other story -- the one about the DeVine Sisters back in 1887. One and one-half concluding episodes remain to be told, as of  Friday night.  And I MUST email the lot to Herself, my long-suffering editor by Monday morning.

I know what's going to happen in this story (always a plus). But sometimes the characters take so very long to get to the action.

Will I make the Monday deadline?

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Pat in east TN said...

I'm sure you will make your deadline Vicki, but oooooh the stress! On the other hand, think of all the free time you'll have now to enjoy the outdoors.

Brian Miller said...

yes, now go...go...

writing is so much fun

Martin H. said...

Of course you will. Can't you feel yourself being spurred on from across the water, here in the UK?

Deanna said...

Of course you will make the Monday deadline. Don't you always?????

You need to leave us some teasers in your blog... or is that not allowed?

Vicki Lane said...

Working hard . . . stopped for a break. Thanks for the encouragement.

Deanna -- there've been several previous posts with teasers One is

and there's another on The DeVine Sisters and several others. You can use the search option at the top == put in UNDER THE SKIN and see what you get!

Back to 1887. Nelly Bly is about to be an a bit of a pickle!

Star said...

yes, you will, you will, you will - but you'll have to work hard.
Blessings, Star

Merisi said...

The top picture is gorgeous! :-)

I feel for you. Deadlines are the pits.
Then again, they force us to bog down and get it over with. Not a bad thing. Says someone who had a full week now with not too much pressure and luxuriated in a day of farmers' market in the morning, brocante in the afternoon and a leisurely coffee house visit afterwards. It will all be over come Monday, but sweet while it lasts.

Wishing you smooth running towards the finish line!

Callie said...

At times I need deadlines sometimes of my own making to get thing done. Hopefully your deadline will make everything fall into place and you will finish ahead of time and you can relax. Good luck!

Tipper said...

I know you'll make the deadline. This post-makes me want to sneak into your house and read over your shoulder to see what happens to one of my all time favorite characters : )

June said...

I bet you feel as if you're draggin' a cultivator through a muddy field.
But you'll make it.

Vicki Lane said...

Me again. After supper and on the home stretch! Really. Maybe three or four pages to go, god willing.

I love hearing the email ding and getting your encouraging words -- like you all are on the sidelines cheering as I stagger toward the finish!

Victoria said...

3 or 4 pages...YEA, VICKI!! I bet you're already done even as I post this.

I've been MIA for the past several days, but I've read all your posts that I missed. Gorgeous pictures, some laugh-out-loud posts (where did Miss Susie Hutchins drive to?) and some very thought provoking ones.