Wednesday, November 27, 2019

In Hoc Signo?

Just before a battle, the pagan emperor Constantine was said to have seen a cross in the sky along with words meaning, In this sign shall you conquer. He resolved to convert to Christianity and won the battle.

Yesterday morning, on the eve of my annual battle to get ready for Thanksgiving, I too saw a sign. It looked to me like a hexagram from the I Ching.

I looked it up -- six unbroken lines. 

A foundation for purpose
It is beneficial to persist. 

Well, okay then.  On to the grocery store and home to begin prepping for the big day...


Anvilcloud said...

You shall conquer.

KarenB said...

Yesterday the pecan pie got made, the turkey is brining. Today we make the sweet potatoes, the cranberry relish, the apple pie and get the table ready. I've got mom and dad and the kids are arriving tonight so my house is happy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Vicki Lane said...

Yep -- I made a start yesterday-- cranberry sauce, pickled veg (giardina), almond brittle to top the pumpkin chiffon pie I'll make today, celery chopped for my grandmother's cranberry salad...onward!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Karen!

Tara said...

Why, it IS beneficial to persist! Signs are everywhere if we only look.

Here in Colorado we have just experienced a massive snow storm, but now the sun is out and no more snow is in the forecast, making for a pretty and white landscape for our Thanksgiving. All I've got to make is green bean casserole -- my daughter is taking care of the rest (hallelujah).

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Sally in Blk Mtn said...
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katy gilmore said...

Happy day to you vicki! At least I don't have to go to the grocery store today! and I am so very excited to be with the whole family! Have such a good day - I know you will!

Sally in Blk Mtn said...

I love it! If Fu Hsi can, in divine inspiration, see the order of the entire universe reflected in the markings of a tortoise shell, you may certainly see it in the sky