Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Persist and Resist

When I saw this pot on my friend Barb's blog, I knew I'd found the perfect birthday present for my sister-in-law Fay who's been a steadfast member of the resistance in Charlottesville for some time now. Fay is my hero.

Fay has marched and carried signs and stood up to speak truth to power. She was there protesting at the rally where a woman was killed when one of the neo-Nazi/white supremacists drove a car into the crowd. And still she persists.

When I contacted Barb (her website is HERE) and asked about buying the pot, she said it wasn't for sale but she'd make me another.  And she did and I had the pleasure of meeting a long time blog/Facebook friend in person.

Happy birthday to Fay and many thanks to Barb for the perfect gift!


Thérèse said...

Such a nice reminder of Love and Resistance.

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks Vicki...I'm glad that you all like my vase and now it can bring more smiles to all those who are working for justice. Your efforts are appreciated, especially by supporting my art.

Darla said...

Now that is a cool pot ... and a wonderful story! :)

katy gilmore said...