Monday, September 11, 2017

Will She, Won't She?

I'm writing this Sunday afternoon as we wait to see what impact Irma will have here. At one point it looked as if she was heading right for us; now her path is projected to veer towards Tennessee. It's possible we might just get a bit of rain.

We're ready though, if she changes her mind. There could be power outages (if I don't post at some point during the next few days, that's probably the reason.)

And we're holding in our hearts everyone in her path.

Be safe.


Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for sunny pics on a cloudy day!

NCmountainwoman said...

Yes, we're ready here. Pantry is stocked, propane tank is full to run the generator, lots of books to read. We're already getting rain and high winds.

Am I the only one who is furious that the "news" has useless people all over Florida, desperately trying to find something to say and not one reporter or crew in Mexico to cover the devastating earthquake? Have the media aligned themselves with Trump and care only about what is happening in the U.S.? Worse, do they think that is all WE care about?

Thérèse said...

Be safe Vicki.