Friday, September 22, 2017

Turning to Autumn

Though yesterday felt not at all autumnal, I honored today's equinox by banishing the summer blue and white décor in favor of fall colors.

Away with the summer tchotchkes -- the shells and the blue and white porcelain! Bring out the gourds and skulls and fossils and pictures of winter squash.

Switch the paintings of white lilies for something more fall-like.

And enjoy the open windows and mild air while we may!


Anvilcloud said...

Sue has autumnized our place, but we are having the warmest long spell of summer. Odd.

Barbara Rogers said...

After doing a Mabon/new moon ritual with my friend Teresa yesterday (she of no computer, no blogs, no facebook,no email no smart phone [Oh My!]) I was happy to hear she was going home to put up her Halloween decorations. Now I'm challenged to do the same, at least put a wreath of fall leaves on the door.