Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Like a Steppin' Razor

"I'm like a steppin' razor. Don't you watch my size;
I'm dangerous . . . dangerous . . ."

That's another of my favorite reggae songs that I'm humming now.

Because yesterday I walked (with a walker) from the PT room to my own room -- almost a whole fifty feet. 

Woo hoo!


Stella Jones said...

That's big progress! Well done again!

daybreak said...

Excellent.....a different world view when you are upright AND mobile!

Barbara Rogers said...

Walking fifty feet means stepping on a healed heel many many times. Well, ankle that is, but couldn't resist. Congrats! You'll be dancing next,

Anvilcloud said...

There'll be no stopping you now. I predict a merry Christmas for you.

Thérèse said...

Congratulations dear Vicky. At least you can see that you will be on your two feet in no time! Christmas is ahead.

Tammy said...

wow, Vickie,

I've been Awol from Blogland for awhile and did not realized you had been injured! This is terrible. And most terrible that you aren't back home yet. It sounds like you are dealing with it well, but geez. I'm a homebody myself and can't even imagine. Praying you will be home SOON. One of my friends who is in her early sixties got bucked off a horse at the end of October and has much the same injuries you do (minus the lacerations) --she will be wheelchair bound for six months. Life can change in an instant. And did I read somewhere that you are working on getting another Elizabeth book out? If it's a kindle format (or regular!) I'll be all over it. :-) I've missed Elizabeth and her adventures.

Take care,

katy gilmore said...

Woo hoo indeed! Walk those halls! - soon time to Deck your own!

Jim Egerton said...

Back amungst all your critters for Christmas. Congratulations Vicki