Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Things Are Looking Up

(Written last night)I'm feeling right mellow after the shrimp tostado and the chicken tacos Justin brought me for supper. They were from Taqueria Fast who can park a food truck on our corner anytime they like. Fresh, fresh, fresh tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, and avocado along with ceviche shrimp made my room smell wonderful.  My mouth is singing.

 Also I got a new roommate last night and she's not chatty. She plays the TV constantly but at a very low volume. And the sound of her COPD machine is actually kinda soothing. Plus I've learned the value of keeping the privacy curtain pulled.

I'm still not very mobile  but am getting better at using a sliding board to transfer from wheelchair to bed and back. Having Physical Therapy and that's good, even when it hurts.

And The Administrator decreed that I should have a new mattress and lo and behold, it was made so!

I went back and updated the fairly nasty review I'd left on their site. They really are trying to address my gripes.

But their food's going to have to take a quantum leap to be better than Taqueria Fast. And they need to understand that a dish of canned pears is NOT a Fresh Fruit Cup, as the menu described it.



Ms. A said...

Hahaha! I remember how much Michael enjoyed us bring him food, although his first months there, the fresh fruit platter was AWESOME!

Anvilcloud said...

Why do hospitals try to kill you with their food?

I once was offered a 'salad' which consisted of one slice on tomato and on bit of lettuce.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh it's so great to have a fresh food meal when inundated with processed stuff of institutional serving. I had my Council on Aging meal yesterday at lunch, with some tidbits added to the slightly aged lettuce salad. (I had to remove the big slices of peppers due to my own dietary constraints.) Another person at my table offered some shredded carrots and Feta cheese to add to it! That was really nice. And then our table became a Spanish class, which happens once a week! We all shared words we'd pulled out of a box and tried to speak Spanish much of the time! What a stimulating time!

Bernie said...

Love knowing your feeling better, Justin is dedicated to feeding you good food. He wants you home as much as you want to be there. All will be well fairly soon. Big hugs, xx

Frances said...

Well Vicki, it sounds as if you are having a good influence on your current location. What a natural born leader you are!

That dinner from The Outside does sound delish! Canned peaches...not so much. Surely, there must be some apples somewhere in the neighborhood?

On a more serious note, I am shocked at how much post-Matthew flooding remains in parts of North Carolina.

xo to you and yours.

daybreak said...

OMG Vicki! I leave town for a couple of weeks and all Hell breaks loose at your end of the country!! Soo glad you are ok...ish! Am just this minute reading all about it. You are a hardy woman and will be back at it soon, I know, but what a strain on the hearts of all of us who care about you........'specially Johnny and your boys, et al. Best of strengthening thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Jime said...

Glad your new roomie is non invasive. Justin sounds like he is bring you food with healing powers. Here is hoping you heal soon and can go home