Monday, January 12, 2015

Coming Events

In the coming months, I'll be doing various writing workshops aimed at in-process novelists and at those who'd like to give it a try. The classes I lead are pretty much always fun -- demanding, but fun. And I'll be appearing at a book festival. Have a look at what's coming, all you reader and writer-types out there... 

Thomas Wolfe House (from their website)

Wednesday, beginning February 18, 6 - 8:30 pm.   Great Smokies Writing Program class at the Visitors Center of the Thomas Wolfe House in Asheville, NC..
10  sessions- weekly meetings. This is a critique workshop in which forty pages worth of your novel in progress -- whether just begun, partway there, or finished and in need of polish -- will receive thorough, helpful attention. Follow this LINK for more information about this and other classes from this excellent program.

Old Dahlonega Courthouse (Wikipedia image)

Dahlonega Literary Festival - March 27 - 29 - Dahlonega, Georgia

I'll be one of the featured authors -- speaking or on a panel  -- I don't know yet just what but I'm sure it will be brilliant. Among the other authors is Frances Mayes (whose UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN and BELLA TUSCANY have often made me wish we'd moved to Italy instead of Madison County.)  I'm looking forward to visiting Dahlonega -- its name is from the Cherokee word for gold and it was the place of which it was (supposedly) said, 'There's gold in them thar hills."  There was even a small mint here at one time. I've heard lots of good things about this town. More info HERE.
Grace Lutheran, Rock Hill (from their website)

Saturday, April 25 , 9 am - 4 pm -- 2015 Rock Hill SCWW Intensive. At Grace Lutheran Church in Rock Hill, SC

 I'll be one of several presenters and will be doing two sessions on useful items for a WRITER'S TOOLKIT and two more sessions titled WHAT NOW? on what to do when you've finished your novel. More info on this very full day HERE  

May 31 - June 6 -JOHN C. CAMPBELL FOLK SCHOOL, Brasstown, NC - A Practical Guide to Writing Popular Fiction

This is a gorgeous place to spend a week -- beautiful scenery, terrific food, and the hum of creativity everywhere.

I'll be leading a class for all levels on the nuts and bolts of writing fiction for publication.  When I taught this class at JCC in 2013, two class members BEGAN novels in this class which they went on to complete. One has self-published; the other is querying agents now. I am so proud of them. You could do it too.  Details HERE. 


Ms. A said...

Looks like another span of "busy" time for you!

Thérèse said...

It sounds like terrific programs!

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks for giving us your schedule, and showing where you'll be hanging your hat for a while. Have a great time, as I'm sure you will!

Jim Egerton said...

THough I am not a writer I would love to be a fly on the wall to just listen and absorb.

Inger said...

A busy time ahead for you. A beautiful area to travel in, I imagine. And those houses are gorgeous. All the best.

Deanna said...

Our friends, the blacksmith and his wife, have undertaken the long trek to JCC four or more times. They are going again this year. We have been there once. It is a very special place. One of my favorite movies is The Songcatcher. I read somewhere that there is a tie to the movie and JCC.

Good luck with all of your workshops. Wish I was one of the lucky students!