Monday, June 2, 2014

More About Those Prom Pictures

 I took over 200 pictures of the prom goers, which I've edited down to a mere 96  and put in a web album HERE so that the kids or other interested parties can pick out and download the pictures that appeal to them.

As you know, I rarely take pictures of people -- but these two were such patient and cheerful models that it was quite fun.

Frances asked for more information on the young couple: Ariel is my daughter-in-law's niece and she is living with Justin and Claui while attending high school. Ariel is a junior; her date Chance is a senior.  

I posted some of these pictures on Facebook Saturday and various women of my generation were recalling the big hoop-skirted monstrosities we wore to our proms over fifty years ago. No swinging from tree limbs for us.  

I really loved watching how into the whole thing Justin and Claui were. (It was Justin who asked me to come down and document the event.) They have done a fine job, acting as stand-in parents to a teen ager in this year since their marriage.   

The picture below is one of my favorites. I changed it to black and white for the documentary look.  That's a lint lifter in Claui's hand -- she was trying to send the couple off to the prom relatively free of dog or cat hair (good luck.) 

I also really like the curve of the cat's tail and the eager look on Ali's face -- as if he thought perhaps Ariel would be his date. 

A beautiful young couple . . .

-- and the best part is they got home safely. 


Juliet Batten said...

A handsome pair, and nice photos.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Lovely back story. Best part should have been that they didn't think about you all for the whole evening, but had a blast! Though we know they probably did both.

Frances said...

Vicki, what a lovely follow up. The pictures are so terrific...but then, that couple are rather wonderful, too.


Brian Miller said...

its pretty cool...and you can def see a bit of their personality coming out in these as well...i def lov ethe look of b&w pics as well...

NCmountainwoman said...

Stand-in parents for a teenager during their first year of marriage. What a pair that Justin and Claui must be. And how wonderful to have the "old woman up in the big house" to help out when needed.

We also keep a lint roller near the door for our guests.