Monday, June 23, 2014

Men at Work

 What could be finer? Our friend Dr. Bob was coming over to help Justin with some rock work last Saturday and then some of Justin's friends decided it was time for a weekend at the farm.  And while they partied hard Friday night, after some Bloody Marys Saturday morning, they were ready to rock and roll. Or, at least, to roll large rocks.

With so many more or less willing bodies, Justin decided to do two projects.
 One was completing a rock retaining wall behind the house

The other was laying stepping stones for a path, also behind the house.

The guys worked hard, drank a lot of beer, watched some World Cup, and got a major amount done. All I had to do was feed them lunch and dinner. 

Anytime, fellas!

There's a captioned web album of the Men at Work HERE



Thérèse said...

What a team work! I would be ready to cook and provide drink and lodging any time, the only problem: the distance! :-)

dannie said...

Back breaking work-always have a rock or two to move.I'm sure this is a beautiful addition to your lovely surroundings.

B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Why on earth would men want to drink beer, watch soccer and move smallish mountains around? Because! What a fun and enriching day. You'll enjoy their efforts for a lifetime now.

NCmountainwoman said...

I think you got a real bargain. All that work for the price of lunch and dinner. Great result.

Jim Egerton said...

What good friends to help with really hard work. Your friendship was payment enough then throw in beer and good home cooking and they were overpaid and on top of that throw in a party the night before and they are rich beyond imagination

katy gilmore said...

Wow - willing worker guys (strong looking lot) - nothing better!

barbara cecelia said...

Ahh -- strong bodies make hard work seem easy. Lucky you to have them around. -- barbara