Thursday, April 21, 2011

From My Collection...

 Another anonymous comment left here recently -- for some reason I just adore these dada-esque messages

Hello everybody subservient to the bronze knick-knacks
That's eager of the note
I'm concomitant to here
Thrilled as pummel to equivalent to of thinking you all
Well-received to my blog.

While I don't consider myself subservient to the bronze knick-knacks, I am, however, thrilled as pummel to find this favorite -- and oh, so apposite! -- Monty Python sketch on YouTube.


Brian Miller said... monty least it makes you chuckle...spammers suck

Kaye Barley said...

Anonymous posters are so odd! I have one who has recently started leaving comments at a post from well over a year ago. She/he apparently likes that one post and keeps telling me so, but then also wants to tell me how to improve the look of my blog to make it more professional to attract more readers.

Darla said...

HA! :-) I can't see a reference to SPAM without memories of it sliced and roasting in a cast-iron skillet on an open fire out in a national forest somewhere USA during family vacations... ! Weird post...maybe it's in CODE! LOL

Friko said...

I love that garbled comment. Why can't I have one like that?
I'd adore one; so if the commenter is reading this, please come over to me.

In spite of having had to watch the Pythons for years I never liked them. When the rest of the family was rolling on the floor in hysterics, I'd stay stony-faced and disapproving, saying things like "harrumph, can't see what all the fuss is about".

No sense of humour, they said to me.

Merisi said...

Spam it! ;-)

Ever since Blogger has elected to take precautionary measures to protect me (better?) from spam via its dashboard commentary button, I am seeing a lot of awful "s" solicitations of which previous I did not even have an inkling. Of course I hit the "delete" button, but try as I might, by then I have glanced what I have never glanced before.

JJM said...

"Dada-esque messages" -- good description.

I have a (virtual) friend who is one of the world's foremost authorities on Bram Stoker and Dracula. You can just imagine what sort of comments and e-mail she ends up with from wannabe vampyres ... not all of them from people for whom English is a second (at best) language. And she's a professor emeritus (or emerita, I guess) of English, to boot. Oh, the pain, the pain! [laughter]

Joan said...

I love Friko's comment. She would have so added to her family's laughter! Great fun post. oxox

Tess Kincaid said...

Spam can be quite captivating. LOVE Monty Python.

jennyfreckles said...

Ah, Monty Python was a must-watch - still makes me laugh.

Brenda said...

Oh Friko, my soulmate! I did not know you existed. While I have to confess this Spam clip was pretty funny (and oh-so-appropriate!)- for the most part, the whole Monty Python phenomenon just escapes me entirely. I watch as others revel in the hilarity, just mystified. Why does it not seem funny to me? What am I missing? I have a sense of humor, so it can't be that. But I am now reassured to know that at least there are two of us on the planet. Hilarious spam comment by the way. I may have to add the phrase "thrilled as pummel" to my vocabulary.

Vicki Lane said...

I get lots of dull boring porn spam too -- but there's the occasional treasure.

Re Monty Python -- I remember being totally unamused by my first taste MP and the Holy Grail. But thhen we began listening to the tapes of sketches and at some point I was hooked -- I now can quote bu heart most of their work, including The Holy Grail -- and phrases from it are a part of out life 'Well, I AM king."

Brit humour is strange and wonderful and quite silly at times -- probably an acquired taste -- but I never did develop a taste for Benny Hill.

Deanna said...

I forgot how funny monty python is. Thanks for the spam!