Sunday, June 8, 2008

Meet the Author

Another book 'event' today -- this time at Malaprops' in downtown Asheville -- a few doors down from the library. It's a wonderful, funky bookstore with a very good staff -- people who actually read and know the books they sell. (They also have a coffee shop and I highly recommend the 'Brain Freeze' - a frappeed concoction that was just the thing for a miserable hot day.)

A nice crowd turned out -- some old friends, some email acquaintances, some fans I hadn't met before, and one nice man who just happened to wander by and stayed to listen and buy a book.

Several people have asked me recently if I get nervous before these things. I can say very honestly that I don't -- the folks are always so friendly and seem content to let me ramble on, stopping now and again to read a bit from the new book. My favorite part, however, is the questions at the end and I'm always disappointed if there aren't any. Fortunately today there were some good ones -- like who makes various decisions about the book (my editor) and do I mind (no) .

There were no 'spoilers' - questions that would give away key plot points, ruining the story for those who hadn't read it - and no weird questions that would make me wonder if it was actually one of my books they were talking about.

And folks bought lots of books -- always a good thing, for me and for our local independent bookseller. And they signed up for my newsletter, also nice. (Jane R, - the email you gave me didn't work; you can sign up on my website if you like.)

Now back to Miss Birdie

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Nancy M. said...

As a former resident of Madison ("Marshall") County, your books have been wonderful reads for me and I'm anxiously looking forward to starting the newest one. Your reading at Malaprops was wonderful - my first, but certainly not my last! I love your blog!!!

Vicki Lane said...

Thanks, Skeeter! Always glad for positive feedback from Madison County folks!

Bookstore readings can be a great way to learn more about books you love -- and also a fun way to discover new authors. Free (usually) entertainment!

Anonymous said...

I would like to have come to AVL for the reading, but we were doing our own show in ATL, sizzling on the asphalt for three days. Next week we'll be doing another show here in Yancey County, so I'll miss the next reading, too. I guess I'll just have to wait for the Carolina Lit Fest to see you!

Vicki Lane said...

Hey, Deana,The life of an artist/craftsperson isn't easy, is it?
Hope to see you in Burnsville! And good luck with sales!

Miss_Yves said...

Meetings between an author and his or her readers are really interesting !

Vicki Lane said...

I always enjoy these meetings -- and I love answering questions. I'll be speaking to some folks this evening at a library in a nearby town and can't wait to hear their thoughts on my books.

I'm glad you are rambling around my blog, Miss Yves!