Sunday, July 15, 2018

I'm Back and the New Camera Is Here!

It was waiting for me when I arrived home from Wildacres but I resisted even opening the package till I'd unpacked, done my laundry, watered some plants, looked at my email and Facebook,  made granola, and gone to the garden to pick stuff for dinner. 

Then I opened the package, only to discover there was no user's manual (my friend Cory says probably they've quit printing manuals because no one reads them.) There were a couple of CDs. but my laptop won't take them. So I found a manual online and proceeded to follow the directions. 

I got as far as charging the battery, removing the lens from my old camera and putting it on the new one, and attaching the strap (not as easy as it sounds, at least for me.)

After dinner I managed to switch the readouts from Japanese to English (whew!) set the date and time, and a few other minor adjustments. Then I took a picture. It was dark by now and I just snapped this from where I was sitting and reading the manual.

Hoorah! A picture!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this camera. It has a lot of  things that are an improvement over the old one but essentially much of it is familiar. I was working my way through the manual when I discovered the Special Effects! 

My old camera didn't have this feature -- a feature that I expect most smartphones have. But I am easily amused. I played with this Color Sketch mode for a bit. . .

Josie will be with me Sunday --  I'll explore the setting designed for photographing children. Maybe I can get down to the garden early and capture the butterflies on the zinnias.

Wildacres was wonderful, as usual. I'll post something about it tomorrow. 


Barbara Rogers said...

Enjoy yourself, and your new "tool"...which I could call a toy for grownups. Missed you and bet you were having a good time at Wildacres.

Elizabeth Varadan, Author said...

What fun. My husband is into photography; calls himself a "serious amateur." He utterly loves cameras. Yours looks as if it's full of all sorts of possibilities. I have to say, I envy you your bookshelves!

Anvilcloud said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy it.