Friday, July 6, 2018

Biting the Bullet

The D90 continues with its intermittent functioning problem. The above and some of yesterday's pics were taken with my  little pocket camera because the D90 refused to function just when Josie was being extra funny. 

I had downloaded and printed out the packing slip  to send the D90 it off to Nikon repair when my friend Cory (a professional photographer) suggested that rather than invest in repair I should think about a new camera  because "technology has come a long way."

Wow. It's been not quite nine years. But no doubt he's right. And I thought to myself, if the D90's card reader is worn out, what part will be next? I've used it hard these past eight plus years . . .

My normal procedure for any gratuitous expenditure over $100 is to agonize for days. I'm normally pretty frugal. But somehow, the decision happened almost immediately.

I've ordered, per Cory's suggestion, a Nikon D5300. He says it's basically a new, upgraded version of the D90 and my big lens will fit it just fine. 

Done. It will arrive Monday. Unfortunately, I'll be at Wildacres and won't get to use it till I get back on the 14th.

And after pressing SEND on the order, I went out and took pictures with the D90 which had suddenly shaped up at the news of a replacement. . .

Addendum: I received an email from Cory telling me, in the nicest way, when the new camera comes to "read the f---ing manual!" Along with some other good advice. I have been guilty of always shooting in Programed mode and ignoring all the niceties that would make for a better picture. 

Bur I've promised to do better.


Anvilcloud said...

For you, I'm not sure about getting off the P mode. If you've gone so long doing it that way, it probably indicates that you're not interested enough in the technical aspects; you mainly want to compose and fire, and there's noting wrong with that. Not that he's wrong. I sure don't use it and an almost always in aperture priority mode. But chacun son gout.

Vicki Lane said...

I've been quite happy with my P mode point and shoot but perhaps it would be good to challenge my aging brain with a bit of the technical stuff. I'm going to give it a go anyway.

Barbara Rogers said...

Enjoy reading manual, then making maybe some of it part of your routine...but just mainly enjoy new toy! And thanks for th last of D90 has certainly served you well. I found manual being on line now makes it really difficulty to read...more so at least for me.

Sandra Parshall said...

It’s always wise to buy an updated version of what younhave, so your lenses will fit. I have much more of an investment in lenses than in the camera body. Too expensive to start over. Used lenses can be sold, but not for what they’re really worth.

Jim Egerton said...

Well I got my turn at opinion. I say composition and lighting are the two most important things. Both take patience. For instance waiting till that little bug gets to the right spot on the flower and the angle of the sun cast the best shadow and shows the depth of the picture
Software can help some but. Henri Bresson, One of my favorite photographers had one small Lyca camera one lens. He never developed his own film. He sent it to a lab. His composition and lighting sometimes took hours for them to be just right. Edward Weston was another that took days putting together one photograph.

There are some really nice photo editing softwares out there from Adobe (Lightroom)and Luminar. They help you get the full dynamic range potential of the camera and picture. Weston, Bresson and Adams with modern technology would still be devoted to the basics and would only help in saving some time and physical effort.

That's my opinion and I am sticking with it. It was over 110F yesterday and will be in the 90's today.