Thursday, May 25, 2017

Woke! (And Not Sure She Likes It)

I spent Tuesday afternoon at Justin and Claui's house, mostly holding Josie so Claui could get a much needed nap. When Claui woke Josie to change her, at last I had a chance at a non-sleeping picture

Changing time often seems to come right after feeding time and Josie is not pleased.

As our friend Vic noted, "There'll be times you'll call her Josie Wails." 

And she did but not for long. 


KarenB said...

Oh she's darling! I loved all the little sounds a new baby makes - those snuffling, snorting sounds as they root and get latched on to eat, those little squeaky noises, and those looks of deep contemplation as they start figuring out the world around them.

Dianna Dodson said...

Oh, she is perfect. <3

Barbara Rogers said...

Yay, she's got eyes! Well, and vocal chords too! I'm sure you enjoy her singing, in the key of G right? G for grandma!

Stella Jones said...

Aah she's so sweet Vicki and she's making her feelings known.

Bernie said...

Miss Josie is absolutely beautiful and a good size. There is just something about new babies that makes the world beautiful. xx